These rules are not intended to be restrictive and are only here in the best interest of the community and apply to the moderators as well.

We hope there will be no cases where the mods need to moderate any posts or threads because this site was founded with the interest of being open and without censorship.

This site was created to be an open community where opinions, experiences and ideas can be discussed freely without the fear of being harassed by any other member or company.

1.) Be courteous and respectful of other forum members at all times.
2.) Do not flame other members (if you have a disagreement then politely explain why but do not create a dispute over differences of opinion).
3.) Do not harass any other members for any reason
4.) Do not blatantly advertise another company's product or service.
5.) Companies (importers, exporters etc..) must identify themselves by putting their company name in their signatures.
6.) Do not post anything vulgar in nature or that someone would generally find offensive.

If you feel any of these rules have been broken then please flag the post and PM a mod to bring it to our attention. has the final say in all matters although we do strive to be as open and fair as possible in all cases, with all members.

Cheers from the Team