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Thread: Actual RON of Shell v power Nitro

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    Default Actual RON of Shell v power Nitro

    I've had a tuner tell me Shell v power 91 is actually 99 ron equivalent in Canada and I'm having a hard time believing it, however, I'm getting way more knock than I'm comfortable with on Husky 94 and i think the stuff we have here is just bad but i don't want to switch to Shell without some research first.

    The tuner told me he thinks Shell is the better gas for jdm factory maps so 🤷

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    Very interesting thread, I have heard many stories from tuner's like yours including friends (not that they say it is 99RON but they can tune more aggressively than with other kinds of gas). I kind of doubt Shell is 99 RON otherwise why would they not sell it as 94 Octane (R+M)/2?like Chevron has? With
    I don't have any data on this but I will tell you my Legacy GT Spec B does not like Husky 91 from Costco. I would recommend any other gas including Shell, Petro Canada or if you want 94 why not go Chevron 94?

    My car really liked the USDM 92 Octane from Shell.

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    Unfortunately the only gas choices where I am is Shell 91 v power Nitro or husky 94. The rest is just random 91s like Petro or Esso. Waiting on tactrix so i can tune for our gas but in the meantime driving is sketchy because i don't actually know what fuel to use.

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