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    Hello VIP'ers!

    I hope everyone is doing well considering the circumstances. It was just last year that I was flying around Asia and I had no idea that just weeks later that COVID would emerge and it would turn our world upside down.

    Like most of us, I watched the developments in China and wondered if an outbreak would really reach the rest of the world considering that SARS had limited impact and transmission.
    Fast forward to the middle of 2020 and we are being told COVID is here to stay for a number of years and could possibly become endemic and return each year like the flu.

    But like most things, the world finds a way. Many of us including students and workers have moved all of our lives 100% online and have found a way to keep it moving, albeit with a lot less social interaction. A lot of us joked we'd do a meet in Japan one day, but at this point most countries are "entry-banned" from going to Japan. I am sure at some point conditions will improve enough for this to happen though!

    Personally I've been a lot busier because of kids at home but this presents an opportunity for people like us to stay strong and pursue the things we love even more. Hopefully if you're reading this, it means JDM Cars!

    I hope the rest of you can keep contributing and letting us know how you're doing and what your next plans are! Maybe some of us could do a zoom meet at some point or just a non-socializing drive in our cities?

    I hope you're doing well, staying safe, and that you've been able to keep working. And most importantly I hope your JDM(s) are doing well. Let's keep it moving everyone, support each other, and keep our JDMs rolling even through COVID!

    Best wishes from the VIP team!

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    Just a quick bump to encourage the many lurkers. I finally cleaned up all the spam and updated the forums.
    Let's keep the worldwide JDM scene going despite the pandemic!

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