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Thread: 2000 Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B E-Tune (5-Speed)

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    Default 2000 Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B E-Tune (5-Speed)

    I currently drive a 2002 Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B Limited II since I pick her up February, It's been a great car to drive especially in the snow, I live in a military base and I get a lot of privates in my room quarters are weird out with rhd and thought the passenger owns the car, learned a lot on how to do a few things but in the end of April I decided i want to get back into driving stick after 2 and a half years of driving only automatic so I decided I would get another Subaru BH5 but this time a 5 speed. I decided to raise my landing price because I noticed prices for a 5 speed had somewhat went up, it all depends on condition and luck.

    After looking at the auctions for 3 weeks and 2 loses bids later I won this,

    2000 Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B E-Tune (Rev C), it has 109,000 km's, 5 speed transmission, color is 95H Blue which is my favorite color. The car was at the auction for the first time and was a auction grade 3, reason for that is because the roof (p3) and bonnet (P1) had paint faded but no clear coat damage, and with common small dents and scratch but overall the mechanical condition and interior is in great shape. The interior does have a boost gauge and fabric seats with no rips and very clean inside. I also did a check on the vehicle and came up clean. I got this car for a great deal and way under my landing price budget, close to my first budget when I imported my white one, even William at JDMConnection was please with the overall condition of the car. This car will be landing in mid July so i'm super excited for this one.


    Plans for this car, I have a list of things I have in mind to complete the car:

    Paint interior black
    anti theft kill switch
    Cobb Short Shifter
    OEM STI 5/6speed shifter
    shift boot from infocushift
    WRX Extension - STi Appearance (sti-mock)
    Subaru OEM Clutch & Brake & Gas Aluminum Pedal Kit
    S401 Hazard button
    Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam (Already Have)
    Sony XAV-AX1000 w/SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner
    Backup Camera

    DIY Black MudFlaps
    Repowdercoat the stock 17" wheels stock grey or bronze
    nitto tires nt555 g2 215/45r/17 or 225/45r/17
    change the rotors and brake pads myself
    Sti Gerome Exhaust

    NGK 4793 Spark Plugs
    NAPA Silver Air Filter or other Air Filter
    upgrade coil pack
    Front Strut Bar
    ECU upgrade from lambdatuning
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