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Thread: One day insurance based on Chassis No

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    Default One day insurance based on Chassis No

    Hi Guys,
    Please to join this fun family of importers. Can someone advise me which insurance brokers will insure me to drive my cars home from the docks based on chassis number only as they are not yet registered with DVLA.

    I've imported my first 2 cars (Honda Insight and Toyota Prius) now but the cars are at the docks. Because DVLA has been closed for so long, they are saying it's a 2 month wait to process my application to get the cars registered. In the meantime, I want to bring them home without paying trasnport company ridiculous money.

    I've spent all morning contacting insurance companies but none of them insure for one day based on chassis number only.

    Can anyone tell me who to use for this type of insurance - yes I will have to drive the cars about 100 miles without any number plates on them but I thought this was ok with the correct insurance.

    Help please family!


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    Damn I should probably mention I'm based in the UK. Thanks!

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