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    Default 1992 s140 Crown Majesta

    Hello everybody!

    We’ve recently acquired a 1992 S140 crown Majesta. It is the fully loaded “grade a” model only missing the ultra rare options: it does not have the 4 L V8, intelligent all-wheel-drive, variable assist electric power steering, or all wheel steering. It also does not have navigation.

    So far so good! The only issues with it is an intermittently working radio, a power passenger seat gear that needs to be shimmed as it grinds in one direction but not the other.

    I was really hoping to find a “community“ is there is very little information in chit chat about Jdm Cars. One guy and club Lexus has provided an absolutely extraordinary amount of information, but other than him, nobody seems to know about the car. It has some pretty scary parts on it, in terms of replacement: auto leveling air suspension at all four corners with TEMS magnetically adjustable shocks. List $1700 each in Japan and only 3 of the 4 being produced. I have to imagine somebody out there knows a better way… also nothing crossreferences except like the rear pads are sc300.

    If I knew I could get parts more easily, and most importantly perhaps, and WINDSHIELD, and think we would drive it a LOT more than we do

    Hoping to meet someone that has one of these or is at least interested / knowledgeable !



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    Welcome! Please post pics of your car.

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    Drew welcome to the forums and please make a pic thread with all the info you know! You're a real trailblazer as you are right I don't know many with your series of Crown Majesta.
    I would think that you will have some more options than you might expect from Japan. You have the air suspension and like most air suspension it will probably go (sooner than later based on age). My old Celsior's suspension went within about 90K but then I converted to coilovers (which also died fairly quickly) due to the weight of the car.

    So with your Crown Majesta I suspect some other Toyota chassis suspension could fit. If it does go I would just order a set of springs and shocks from Japan and convert to non-air by unplugging the sensors and fuse for the air (very similar setup as Celsior I would think).

    Don't be discouraged and don't be afraid to order from Japan if you need some specialty parts. That being said this is a very reliable vehicle so I doubt you will need much beyond basic maintenance items!

    Also what is your chassis number if you have say for example a UZS/JZS147 like my old Aristo chassis then I bet this series of Aristo/GS suspension would fit your car.

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    Thanks for the interest! Sadly she is in heated storage for the winter, but we fell in love with her over the summer. My wife's "keeper." its a Grade A jzs149-atpqf

    I have everything but the 4.0v8/AWD/intelligent electric steering steer/all wheel steering/navigation/sunroom/leather

    We have heads up display, TEMPS, power reclining rear seats. Its an amazing car... here is my video walk around. course I have learned a lot more so check out our channel

    I did find that the 1992 Aristo (gs300) was based on the Majesta but watered down, so my plan for air ride would be, worst case, the get OEM Lexus parts (spring strut) for that car and hope for the best. I can see inventory in Japan; a replacement air strut new is like $1100. Right now I would be screwed but if money permits later we would rather keep it stock.

    The BIG drawback of an non-us-equivelent car is the glass. A windshield that was never sold in this country is hard to get.

    We man daily drive a HIACE as a family van, knowing there is glass in Mexico, but feel bad to put it in the snow... Still, were chatting about importing one.

    We have decided to start buying and selling JDM as we are in love with it... both of us. We just got and listed for sale a Y32 Nissan Gloria (the only Brougham for sale in the USA) and now I'm in love with it and want to keep it but can't afford the money or the space... we also have a 1950 Chevy

    Glad to have a "home" to talk about this. Club Lexus was VERY welcoming to the Crown Majesta, but of course it can't be "home" for JDM chat.

    This site is kind of hard to use; I tried putting pictures right in the message but it doesn't seem to work
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    additionally, if we don't get a hiace, we will get an Estima, as Previa is all the same glass/body parts but RHD is more fun.

    I plan to daily drive a 1996 Mark II Qualis when they are legal as only the rear glass and front sheet metal is Japan-only. I am addicted, so if my wife (and my older two kids)

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    I seriously loved this car

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