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    Hello everybody!

    We’ve recently acquired a 1992 S140 crown Majesta. It is the fully loaded “grade a” model only missing the ultra rare options: it does not have the 4 L V8, intelligent all-wheel-drive, variable assist electric power steering, or all wheel steering. It also does not have navigation.

    So far so good! The only issues with it is an intermittently working radio, a power passenger seat gear that needs to be shimmed as it grinds in one direction but not the other.

    I was really hoping to find a “community“ is there is very little information in chit chat about Jdm Cars. One guy and club Lexus has provided an absolutely extraordinary amount of information, but other than him, nobody seems to know about the car. It has some pretty scary parts on it, in terms of replacement: auto leveling air suspension at all four corners with TEMS magnetically adjustable shocks. List $1700 each in Japan and only 3 of the 4 being produced. I have to imagine somebody out there knows a better way… also nothing crossreferences except like the rear pads are sc300.

    If I knew I could get parts more easily, and most importantly perhaps, and WINDSHIELD, and think we would drive it a LOT more than we do

    Hoping to meet someone that has one of these or is at least interested / knowledgeable !



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    Default 1992 s140 Crown Majesta

    I don't get asked much for Crown Vic models now. A lot want the new Charger, Tahoe or Explorer. Really need some new models in various scales other than the 1:64 Greenlight seems to be pushing out.

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