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Thread: MX5 import to B.C 2021

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    Default MX5 import to B.C 2021

    (Skip first paragraph if you not interested why im getting an mx5)

    I love cars but they have been costing too much recently. I am after a cheap, reliable, fun sports car. The obvious choice is the MX5. 5 years ago, I had a base spec NA mx5 5 speed with 200,000km on it (no a/c even). The only mod was an after-market muffler that was super loud. I drove it all over B.C, auto x壇 it, winter drove it(+40c down to -38c), and beat on it daily for 70,000km with only 1 problem(clutch slave cylinder). As I am a bit older (not much) I can稚 handle a screaming 4000rpm highway cruising with exhaust noise, wind noise, road noise, and engine noise. The NC 3rd gens were available in japan starting in 2005. This means they have just past the 15-year import rule. I decided to go with a base spec NC1 with auto transmission. The manual is fun but the auto is better for me because of better highway gearing and better city driving.

    This forum has been very helpful and I知 going to make a video of the process how to import a car into B.C. for 2021. Ill keep the thread updated as things progress. I知 going to use BeForward to import the car as they have the stock I want. They have a lot of negative reviews but all complaints about them are really complaints about unreliable cars. They offer a $100 Cad warranty but I think its safe to not rely on that. The reason I知 importing vs buying locally is that the cheapest NC I could get would cost $13,000 after tax. The import car I知 buying will cost $8,000 delivered and taxed. The $5,000 potential savings makes this worth the effort. I知 in Kamloops BC (350km from Vancouver) so ideally I will get everything sorted before the car comes in then just go down and get it inspected/registered on my way home.

    Here is my checklist so far:
    Seller to send bill of sale marked paid
    Seller to send export certificate
    Get exporter to surrender bol to shipper (send me a copy of bol)

    Get inbond notice emailed to me(wws)

    CBSA- possibly drive to vancouver maybe kamloops airport(see story below)
    Bring inbond notice (2 copies)
    Bring bill of sale and export certificate(the seller will send me)
    Soil release ??(not needed potentially but ill get it stamped)
    Print out and bring "request for release" form
    Get and fill out "Form 1"

    pay tax on vehicle.
    Get "advice notice" from cbsa

    Email WWS stamped "advice notice" along with who is picking up the car(tow truck due to covid?)

    When the car arrives wait 1 day to pick it up($125 terminal fee cash)
    ***car successfully imported at this point***
    Towed to strawberry hill mechanics(book appointment for 11am)
    I will drive to vancouver with a friend for 11am with DRL relay, side reflectors, and winter tires on rims.
    Ill quickly wire DRL and reflectors, change over wheels before inspection.

    Hopefully passes inspection due to E cert headlights and DRL foglights.
    Go to ICBC and get car registered with form 1, bill of sale, and inspection.
    Insure car and drive back to Kamloops.

    I imported my current daily C5 corvette to kamloops airport. It was a canadian car that got registered in Arizona. I bought it in Penticton and drove it home. I had to import it to register it, I did all the cbsa paperwork at the kamloops airport (form 1).
    I could drive the MX5 home straight from WWS(port) and get everything else done in Kamloops. I have a feeling the kamloops mechanics will make my life hard, they wont pass the cars out of province inspection without claiming some useless work to make them money.
    I am ordering and paying for the car on December 1st 2020. Im predicting 6 weeks shipping due to holiday season and virus restrictions. Hopefully ill be driving the car by January 15th 2021.

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    Some pics of the car and update

    The car has shipped on dec 23rd, and is estimated to be here on the 20th of Jan. I have all of the paperwork for customs except the inbond notice from WWS. We have had a lot of snow here so I bought good winter tires on rims to help with the drive home. A friend is driving me and my tires down on the 20th jan(they are heading down anyway so im catching a ride). I dont think the car will be ready on the 20th so ill hopefully have the paperwork done on the 20th, stay the night in van, then get the car inspected and register it on the 21st before driving home.

    The only issue I have so far is I bought some flexible stick on LED DRLs. The problem is they are not DOT approved. The car doesnt have fog lights so i would have to wire to the headlights with a DRL kit from cad tire($50). I will call strawberry hill auto and see if the DRL needs to be DOT.

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    Congrats with your new Mazda! My car is also expected to be delivered by the 20th.

    -I heard that we have to hire a $80 (!!!) tow truck so it can drop them off by the exit gates?

    -Do you know the vessel name, so I can track it? Also, which dock should it be anchored at?

    Thanks in advance and hope I get to see you at the port!
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    Hey, The boat is the Heritage leader from NYK line. It is updated to arrive on the 21st now which has be a bit worried. It left Nagoya on the 22nd December and last seen leaving japan waters on the 27th Dec. I have heard the terminal fee has increased a bit again($160-$190) cant remember exactly. It seems like we have to get a tow truck to pick up the car too unfortunately.

    I dont know if i will be able to wire the DRL's for inspection quick enough to pick the car up, get inspected and drive home. I might get a transit permit and just drive it home after I pick it up.

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    Thanks for the info Rob!

    Classic... in our country any bullshit excuse can fly to raise fees and taxes

    PS. Good news - vessel arrived in US today

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    Nice, I guess its heading up the coast.

    What car are you expecting?

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    Quick update, the ship got here on the 20th and I have had no correspondence from WWS. It didnt go to anacsis island, it went to a different wws car dock south of Richmond.

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    On the 25th, 5 days, 3 business days after the car arrived WWS called me for an email address to send the documents. They sent the clearing procedure checklist, Inbond notice, and the clearance paperwork for a tow truck to come and pick up the car.

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