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Thread: Exedy KSB03 Clutch Kit Review - fits GC8-GDA WRX/STi

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    hunter if the clutch is meant for a 2002-2005 WRX then it will work.

    Speaking of noises guys, I'm not happy. It even makes sounds in 3rd gear and sometimes a squeak when releasing the clutch. It still makes the rattling sound (although sometimes it just sounds sweet as if the engine is roaring).

    Actually Exedy never replied to my e-mail about this. I'll e-mail them again, I'm curious about what they think.

    Subaru says it's the springs in the clutch disc that are causing this. I did a lot of Googling and found another WRX (GDA) owner who had a similar complaint. It turned out that they found their flywheel was not machined correctly and that I think the pilot bearing was not installed correctly.

    I hope that's not the case for me, but how do I know? It would cost as much as installing a new clutch to remove the transmission to check this.

    If it turns out installation is the issue (I have no clue, if I knew this stuff I wouldn't be paying to have a clutch job done lol), then I would rather just take the risk myself next time.

    It's not very hard to remove the drive shafts AFAIK. Just undo the axle nut on each wheel, then remove from transmission side.

    The rest is just removing the airbox piping, I/C and of course, the exhaust system, and a lot of bolts, especially the one for the front cross member.

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    OK Exedy got back to me this time. I provided a link to this thread and they realized I have a GC8 WRX.

    I'm not sure if I'm happy with my Exedy clutch anymore. Others who have installed different brand clutches for 2002-2005 WRX have not reported these kinds of sounds, but the good news is that the sounds are not a problem (other than being annoying).

    Quote is below:

    Areeb, Let me first say that I am sorry that you did not receive a response. Your email may have been sent to junk box as I did not see it in my inbox for the date that you provided. But onto your issue. Normally when experiencing a noise during deceleration it is associated with the clutch discs springs. The KSB03 does fit your vehicle, however is truly designed for the 02-05 which has a slightly different engine and drivetrain than the older 93 GC models. The 02-05 US and Canadian version WRX had a higher torque output than the 93. With the internal changes to the engine different harmonics are going to be given off by the engine and drivetrain. Since the clutch is for the later model years it is designed to absorb and dampen these harmonics differently. The higher torque output by the later model also requires a heavier torsional dampening spring and hub on the clutch disc. It is due to this that you are hearing slight harmonic noises. By no means is this going to cause a adverse affect on your vehicle. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Sincerely, [snip]
    Technical Coordinator-Aftermarket

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    I asked Exedy some more questions and if there is a model of Exedy clutch that won't produce these kinds of sounds in our cars.

    Hopefully there is because I really trust Exedy quality over most of these other no-name/eBay clutches which people have trouble with.

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    One thing I want to mention is that 2002 GDA WRX (USDM) produces 217 lb-ft of torque at 4000 RPM and 227 HP @6000 RPM

    Version 1 WRX EJ20G with 240 HP@6000 RPM produces 224 lb-ft of torque at 5000 RPM.

    The only real difference is that the EJ205 from GDA WRX produces less torque and less HP, but peak torque is produced at 4000 RPM instead of the 224 lb-ft of torque that EJ20G produces at 5000 RPM.

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    Here's another old thread from the UK:

    It seems others report the same thing with stock and non-stock flywheels.

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    Exedy has offered to replace my clutch disc with one designed for "long travel".

    I really appreciate this from Exedy.

    We could swap the disc out for a silent design long travel dampener disc. Taking off at a slightly higher RPM may help slightly, but that won’t help with the deceleration noise.

    Sincerely, [snip]
    Technical Coordinator-Aftermarket[snip]

    From: [[snip]]
    Sent: Tuesday, September 01, 2009 5:31 PM
    To: [snip]
    Subject: Re: [Fwd: KSB03 Noise Problems]
    Importance: High

    Hi [snip]

    Thanks for the reply and I appreciate you guys went through the thread, I'm glad to know that there is actually nothing wrong with the clutch. I realize this clutch is designed specifically for a 2002-2005 WRX but other people with my car who installed different brand clutches for 2002-2005 WRX's don't have any of these noises.

    Is there anyway to reduce these noises? I tend to launch the car at very low RPMs (1000-1500 RPM) to go easy on the transmission on the clutch, but some have suggested that launching at much higher RPMs may help the sound go away.

    Do you guys have a specific model of Exedy clutch that you recommend for a GC8 WRX/STi which wouldn't make these kinds of sounds?

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    Exedy says they want $80 + shipping for the new disc.
    I've also read similar complaints about these noises from the UK. I wonder if I got the 225 MM kit if this would happen, but the impression I'm getting is that it's still an issue.

    This is strange because my OEM disc was an Exedy and it never made sounds like this.

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    Exedy says they would send me an 06+ WRX disc which is a "pull-type" whereas the 02-5 WRX disc I have is a "push type". I've heard these terms before but know nothing about the details.

    I'm trying to get Exedy to explain their policies on this thing. I'm asking if I were to buy the stock 225 MM clutch disc kit that comes with our cars, if they would honor the warranty for this noise. Since you can easily source these kits from the UK.

    I also don't understand why an 06+ disc which is also not at all designed specifically for our cars would make less noise.

    I'm going to post some of Exedy's responses when I get them.

    Personally I've read other GC8 WRX owners complaining of this noise even with the correct 225MM disc kit in the UK.

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    Hey JDMvip can you give us an update on this? I know Laski is looking for a clutch and flywheel. I personally would prefer to import a 225mm excedy just like the stock. I'm really don't want to have the same problems as you are having.

    And what is our clutches from factory? Push or pull?
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    I would recommend using the stock 225MM clutch disc from Exedy UK or Japan. I don't know if our stock clutches are the push or pull type.

    AFAIK Exedy is saying we're out of luck unless we get the OEM kit and even then I don't think they'd warranty the noise issue which is upsetting. I'm not sure what Exedy is getting at with the warranty. I don't know if they mean it would only be warrantied if purchased and installed from a dealership or if purchased elsewhere and installed by a professional.

    I guess the only way to know about the noise issue is to have someone install the 225MM kit from the UK, someone else has got to be the guinea pig now

    Anyone who gets the 225MM kit please let us know the Exedy part# you used and let us know your results. I also believe the BC5 Legacy Turbo Sport from the USA uses the same kit, or it at least uses the 225MM clutch disc, so this is worth a try as well IMHO.

    *disclaimer, I take no responsibility for the results/complications/sounds* I'm just giving the best advice I can but the only way to know is to try. I doubt anything could be worse than the 02 WRX 230MM kit though.

    That is the OEM replacement kit for the GC WRX. This is not a kit available through Exedy USA so we would be unable to warranty it direct. It would need to be warranted by the seller through Exedy UK. You would need to contact them regarding their warranty procedures. The noise that you are referring to would not be warranted through the aftermarket. The only place that we honor such a warranty is the actual repair facility, such as the dealership.
    You can’t use the 06 clutch kit, only the disc.

    You can but the clutch that is listed, but it would not be covered under warranty in the US.

    The 06 disc should solve the noise as it is a WAD (wide angle dampener)

    Noise does not warrant warranty in the aftermarket. The only thing that could be done is replacement of the part. Going to the dealership is the only way to warranty your complaint.

    Our warranty does not cover labor of any sort, only the product.

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