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Thread: Exedy KSB03 Clutch Kit Review - fits GC8-GDA WRX/STi

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    Default Exedy KSB03 Clutch Kit Review - fits GC8-GDA WRX/STi

    After a lot of reading and research I decided to have this installed in my GC8A 1993 Subaru Impreza WRX Type RA. I chose Exedy because you just can't go wrong with an Exedy IMHO, there's a reason they are the OEM manufacturer of clutches for so many cars.

    I know in Subaru Legacy Sport until 1994 had a 225mm clutch disc, and so did my EJ20G engine. This KSB03 kit is a slight upgrade with a 230mm sized clutch disc.

    I'm impressed with this kit so far, and when ordering from an authorized reseller off eBay you can get this kit shipped even to Canada for less than half the price Subaru will sell it to you. This is the same kit they use in 2002-2005 WRX.

    *One note about fakes, don't be fooled, make sure you buy from an authorized Exedy retailer. There are all kinds of Exedy fakes being sold which are poor quality clutches from China.

    You can also tell it's authentic by seeing the Exedy and Daiken logos stamped into the pressure plate and clutch disc.

    Anyway, back to the review, let's talk about how this clutch feels. It feels fairly similar to my stock 225mm kit which is also an Exedy.

    Engagement is smooth without any vibration, there's no surprises from this clutch, so daily driving and stop and go traffic is not an issue. It engages quickly and hard enough, maybe not as much as the aftermarket ones which are known to chew through Subaru transmissions though.

    There's no slippage and these clutches are said to be good for a lot more than the 240HP my car makes.

    My only complaint is that at first the clutch would squeak like bad truck brakes when taking off in 1st gear (that sound seems to be gone). Another annoyance is that when letting off the throttle, especially in 4th and 5th you can hear a rattling/vibration sound sometimes. This doesn't affect the functionality of the clutch and the sound is going away slowly and isn't really noticeable to passengers.

    The clutch is functioning fine other than the annoying sound.

    I'm happy with my OEM Exedy replacement, unless you have a very good reason I don't see why you'd want to go for something else, unless you were looking at a Stage 1 Organic from Exedy.

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    A Buddy of Mine, i just found out runs a shop in Richmond. and we just were ion the US picking up 4 of these clutchs for a range of Cars.
    NSX, GTO, Skyline, Honda Civic..

    THey are great clutchs.

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    I'm overall happy with the clutch but I'm annoyed at the sounds it makes.
    In 4rd or 5th gear if you coast, you can hear a rotational sound (it used to sound like a buzzing and scraping, now I guess due to clutch dust buildup, it sounds like a warped rotor or something spinning).

    I've been told this is probably the springs in the clutch disc. I might e-mail Exedy and ask them about this.

    Of course the problem is that even if they offer a new disc, I'd have to pay $1000 to Subaru again to have the new disc put in.

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    Thanks for the review JDMVIP. That is very unfortunate about the noise you are experiencing. I hope it can be resolved for you.

    I have been thinking about a new clutch in my car. I find mine to be a little spongy if I drive the car hard. I would like something with a nice hard and crisp engagement which is predictable. But there are other things which I would like to get first...hehe
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    Thanks CDE, I think it will only get better at least. I'm curious to hear what Exedy will say to me about this and I'll post it here.

    Go for an organic Exedy for your car, you won't regret it.

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    Ok jsut saw this..

    LoL I need a Clutch for my WRX..


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    Good review. I'll be needing a new clutch as soon as my current oem one starts to slip. I think I will go stage 1 though. I'm almost positive it will be an exedy.

    So GDA is the clutches that match up to our cars. Good to know.
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    This is really good information, but I wonder JDMVIP, if you ever got the noise sorted?

    Dah-Hunter - this is your new WRX that's coming in that the clutch is blown? The one with the funky bumper - black?

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    No its not blown, however.. its on its way out..

    and this Black WRX is the funnest car i have had in a long time..

    I couldnt stop Laughing/smiling the whole drive home yesterday from the Dock..

    Its Fast.. Fast Fast...

    Im thinking this clutch..

    EXEDY STAGE 1 15802HD (will that work JDMVIP????)

    If my research is correct i think it will..

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    Oh, you have it already, I thought that it was coming over on the Sept 5th boat!

    WOW! Sweet - get us some pics and more impressions will ya? How fast? What mods? What cool things have you noticed - surprises etc...


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