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    I am planning to import an evo 5 or 6 , I contacted Pacific coast jdm and Japan Partner

    After allot of readings and emails with both i reached 2 dead ends

    Derek was very helpful from Pacific coast and answered all my questions until i asked him if after wining a car in the auction he will share with me a proof from auction with the wining bid price.. but he did not reply back .. then i realized that its easy to know the amount the car sold with if you check in the auction listed how how much my car sold ...

    Japan Partner Charge only 500K Yen but they also charge the Japanese 10% tax of the wining bid which is they can claim later after exporting the car.. doesnt make sense for me paying this amount

    I really want to import an evo.. but cant decide between both..

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    Quote Originally Posted by japanoverseas View Post
    Hi. We are regular exporters of jdm too in your continent but mostly to dealers only. If you are ok, we can supply too. we can give you access to auction and bid on your behalf. email or call us, you can also look us up online japan overseas corporation.
    thanx.. but i think i will continue with Pacific, simply coz they are young and they know what am looking in a car from car guy prospective.

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    Did you get your car by pacific ?

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    I've had my own experience with Pacific Coast and would not use them again due to the issues with the car (the least of the problems from them ironically) and the ongoing retaliation that they orchestrated against me and this site (I stress the ongoing till this day part). If you happen to catch them in something shady and post about it, they will employ an army of friends to go after you. They do have some good reviews but then again most people will bow to the pressure of removing a bad review.

    Japan Partner does not have a good rep in my view. Perhaps things have changed but I became aware of them due to complaints about the condition and disclosure on their in stock cars over the years. They do have a good review too, but for any of these Exporters if they have 1 bad and inexcusable review (eg. misrepresentation is not an accident), I would avoid them as experience has shown with a number of Exporters I've known, that 1 bad review is often a systemic issue.

    I'll make a writeup on the issue of foreign Exporters, but again, my experience is that MOST Exporters (except someone like Mark @ Brave Auto), who are owned by foreigners are not honest (this goes for foreign Exporters never named or active on this site). So, stay away from the foreigners as they may even just leave Japan one day when things fall apart (this also happened many times).

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    I haven't used either Pacific Coast or Japan Partner so I can't attest to their quality of services, but I used a company called Zervtek off of a friend's recommendation who used them to buy a Landcruiser when he was stationed out in the Kadena base in Okinawa. I've imported a couple of cars without any issues so far. I believe they have pretty fair and even cheaper pricing compared to some of the other exporters I've checked out. The person I talked to was nice, helpful and didn't push anything on me. But most importantly, they "inspected" the vehicles before the auctions and provided me with a bunch of photos and videos for a lot of the cars I looked at before I ended up winning both.

    Hope this helps!

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