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Thread: CBSA JDM van rejection - advice needed

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    Default CBSA JDM van rejection - advice needed

    Hi everyone, I've got a special case here...a 2005 Toyota Hiace Commuter (KR-KDH222B-LEPNY) that I imported from Singapore was just rejected on arrival by CBSA after they sent it to Transport Canada for inspection.

    I did research before purchasing and saw these vans in Canada and that they can be brought in.

    I'm not sure if any inspection was really done...they said they sent it on the grounds that it falls under the classification of a bus.

    The Hiace is a passenger van, it has 2 seats up front and 12 in the back, which is confirmed by documentation and registration label in the van itself.

    My only thought is that the CBSA looked at the Singapore registration which classified it as a bus/minibus.

    They're telling me to either export or destroy it...I don't know what to do. Is there any way to appeal this or provide the documentation that shows its a passenger van? Any way to decommission seats and reclassify the vehicle as passenger van with 4 seats, cargo, RV, etc?

    Any thoughts or advice?

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    I don't know, but I'd suggest looking for some information on Transport Canada. They might have a definition of over "XX" number of passengers a vehicle is designated as a bus.

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    Hi. Just curious if you made any progress? I am importing 2006 HiAce but with only 7 seats. It looks like 12 seats is the problem. Busses are not allowed in Canada at all

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