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Thread: We need to share the good along with the bad.

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    Default We need to share the good along with the bad.

    I came to JDMVIP looking to reconnect with an exporter that was really helpful with information a few years ago. Thanks to him, JDMVIP and a few others I knew it all. Now as it turns out Steve went bad, he was actually messing up during that same timeframe.

    I then found out that another prominent member, a sponsor if I remember correctly, screwed over our host on a car, not a container or a dozen cars, a measley car! After making tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars off our host's good graces, he tried to take him for a grand. Wow!

    So I start digging through the stacks to find the guys that our members say are trustworthy for exporting from Japan, and Brave Auto is the only one! I would add JDMVIP and JDM Connection to that but their market is Canada. So for the rest of us there's only one.

    I also notice that there isn't much posting going on lately, but everything that's posted gets a bunch of views. Now to bring this to the title of my thread...

    I want to encourage you lurkers to share some of those trustworthy sources. You know you have them. This thing can only work if we give our visitors some meat. It's good that you can all come here when you have a problem but if you're not sharing good information fewer people will visit so when you complain about a bad deal it has less impact.

    Imagine if folks looking to import could come here and find a list of a dozen reputable exporters.

    Imagine if they could learn how to import themselves.

    Imagine if after helping a noob like I was 8 years ago the loyalty and potential customers you could pickup as an importer.

    Sharing information does not cost you business it actually brings you business. If Sastrad hadn't gone bad I wouldn't have hesitated for a moment to ask him to secure the one or two vehicles I currently need.

    How about we put the information out here for others to benefit from? I promise you it will work out better for you. Speaking of which, Hey JDMVIP are you positioned to do a purchase for export to the Bahamas �� or anyone else out there want to suggest an exporter
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    This recommendation comes from a Florida JDM importer with an excellent reputation.

    Yoshi from Japan Car Direct according to one of the owners is trustworthy and he very much like the way he does business.

    They also praised Great World Logistics as a good import broker


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    Boyblue great post here and things can change fast as you've show a number of examples. Japan Car Direct did post some good info but the last time I heard from them was when they did a chargeback on their Sponsorship fees here.... What is in common with many of these examples are that these are foreigners in Japan who will often use the forums to build their business and not to actually contribute.

    I definitely encourage everyone to keep posting their honest feedback and experiences even if it contradicts what you read on Google or Youtube, sometimes reviews and followings that are too good to be true are and many of them are paid shills or friends of the companies these days.

    This is the reason I'm glad to help people directly as it is much easier to start off right than to work from hindsight if you've had a bad experience from your exporter.

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