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    Just talking with an old friend in the UK who owned one of the following vehicles and I was lucky enough to of been taken for a drive in it on some country roads and he was not shy in showing me what it could do. It takes a lot to scare me in a car but this thing........ man o man...... just watch the third vid and you will get the idea.

    It is not a JDM, its the size of a mini and most Canadiens will have never seen one but if I win the lottery, one of these will be first on my shopping list.

    Vid - 1

    Vid - 2

    Vid - 3



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    As much as I "love" british cars this looks like a fun way to play in the dirt.

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    3.0L V6 N/A putting out 400hp...that's a lot lol
    93 GC8A 5spd Graphite Gray Pearl! (SOLD)
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    GROUB B !!!!!mark dont forget the audi s2 walter rohl and lancia delta s4henri tovinnen , 0/60 gravel 3 sec in the 80s .. unconfirmed lancia put it on the f1 track and it was faster in a lap than the F1 car of that yr !!
    i missed out on group b, 600 hp rally, but ive made up for it. wrc wales colin mc rae , "if in doubt flat out " rip . also wye dean rally lol. 6R4 rare as these days even in good old england .

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    Man that thing is fast, that is some terrifying driving!

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