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Thread: I would like to import a car into the UK from Japan

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    Default I would like to import a car into the UK from Japan

    Hi all i'm new here just asking around how can i ipmort a car from japan i have found a website which is brilliant and i have my eyes on a few cars could someone explain to me what happens when it arrives in the UK what kinda of stuff i need to be aware of i'm 19 years old and i am still on a provisonal licence due to covid haven't been able to pass my test just yet but i am looking around to maybe get a japanese car as a first car or maybe just as a project car idk atm but looking at Nissans,Toyotas,Hondas ETC if someone could tell me how this all works so i don't run into any issues when i decide to purchase a car Thanks
    PS: I am also learning Mechanics so most of the stuff i will do and if there is something i can't do i will take it to a Specialist
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    I know this is old and I'm not from the UK but as I understand it, insurance for younger drivers in higher performance cars also costs a lot more, something to keep in mind and check up on before.

    Hope you were able to find your dream ride and if not keep us updated either way!

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    Importing a car from Japan to the UK can be a great experience, especially if you're eyeing Nissans, Toyotas, or Hondas. When the car arrives in the UK, you'll need to go through customs and ensure all necessary import documents are in order. You'll have to pay import duties and VAT based on the car's value, shipping costs, and insurance. The car will also need to pass the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) test to meet UK standards, which might include modifications to lighting, speedometer, and emissions. Once it passes the IVA test, you can register it with the DVLA to get a registration number and V5C logbook. Since you’re on a provisional license, getting insurance might be a bit more challenging, especially for imported cars. It’s great that you’re learning mechanics, as you’ll be able to handle most of the work yourself and take it to a specialist if needed. Good luck with your import!

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