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Thread: Install Honda Accord Lights

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    Default Install Honda Accord Lights: DIY

    So are you ready to Install Honda Accord Lights so your car will be All DOT and Legal..
    I know we arenít, but ICBC wants us to.. so here we go.

    First the car in its Original State.

    These Stockers got to go. :?

    Honda Accord Lights FTWÖ. NOT Ugh..

    First remove the Battery!!

    Then Take out the Side Marker Lights

    Behind Each Side marker there is 2 Bolts.

    The the Last Nuts holding the Headlights on.
    (Right Side) (Hard to get Actual Pics of them)

    (Left Side) (This is the Annoying side)
    They are Both Behind the Charcoal Canister, So do whatever works, I normally bend the Shiz out of the Mount..

    And now the lights should slide or pop out.. Be Gentle.,

    Both Lights now out. YaY

    On Chrisís car his Veilside Front bumper wasnít happy with the Accord lights so we had to take it off,.

    Honda Lights in (Just have to Tap some Mounting Holes in the Rad Support)

    Bumper Now Back on and Fitting Nice.. (A couple gaps but Veilside never made the bumper with Honda lights in Mind! GEEZE!!!)

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    Why not post them here?
    As I recall that forum took down or requested that Stinky take down his DIY's due to pressure from some vendor's they had......

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    I didnt put it here because of the 4 image thing..
    but thats fixed.. so here it is..

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    Cool, I'm very happy and you guys look even happier in those pics

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    You guys are great and hilarious too. Unless someone knew what to look for they probably wouldn't know those are Accord lights.

    I swear you guys did a better job than most shops would but then again I think you're a seasoned pro with HCR32 compliance.

    You should open your own compliance shop!

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    This forum is really helpful. Thanks again for the write ups !

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    looks like you guys just attached with brackets... How did you manage to aim them without the honda plastic piece that they sit in? Or did you just get them "close"?

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    i got a question
    what lights would be good for ER34?
    2000 2,5RS stage rally car
    2011 Lexus CT200h - DD
    1990 GT-4 stage rally project

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