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Thread: GC8A-C/GF8A-C (92-96) WRX/STi Brakepad Discs Rotor Information

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    I never replaced my calipers when I owned my 95 WRX just the rotors. I do believe it is also Legacy, but it would be the newer years 2002
    It's best to cross reference the part numbers from this site prior to purchasing anything.
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    Well ive checked all over the site provided, and the prints provided for my gc848d have rear drums while mine has rear discs with the single pot assembly

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    Sorry can you confirm you said you had an EJ20G engine and it's a WRX? If so the 1994 Subaru Legacy Turbo Sport is fine for you.

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    Question Confusion with brake parts

    Quote Originally Posted by winfab View Post
    My 94 WRX has vented rear rotors...
    Quote Originally Posted by winfab View Post
    So got the brakes installed. Everything went perfectly. Rotors are exact fit, and the pads are the exact pads required.
    Hopefully this info will help others when trying to source rear vented rotors and pads.

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    My '98 Impreza STi wagon has been sitting for a couple years... but anyway, upon driving it today, it became apparent that the left rear caliper is not releasing properly. The rotor was hot from a two minute drive. I had a look. The caliper sliders are fine. The piston is sticking in the bore.

    I want to buy a caliper repair kit. Seems simple enough, but I find that nothing with these cars is "simple".

    My rear brakes look like the one pictured above. It's a single pot, vented disc. I believe the following part number is correct (obtained from RockAuto using the info above), but if anyone could confirm it, I would be most appreciative.

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