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Thread: GC8A-C/GF8A-C (92-96) WRX/STi Brakepad Discs Rotor Information

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    Here's a useful link for the rear calipers

    Basically according to this site, the Legacy Sport Turbo had 2 rear calipers.
    Casting number 1409 and 1313 were the two types.

    I'm going to check and see if I can see the casting number through my wheel tomorrow.

    According to the same site they only sell one set of rear rotors for 93 Legacy Turbo sport.

    IMHO if someone can verify if their V1 WRX/STi has one of those casting numbers in the back, it means Soren was given the wrong brake disc.

    If we can't match those casting numbers, it means the rear caliper and brake discs were not from Legacy Turbo Sport.

    But since this is a single piston in the back and mine has a single piston at the rear I'm pretty sure it's still going to be these calipers and rotors for the back too.

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    I forgot that Soren already confirmed that his Version 1 WRX STi has casting number 1409. This confirms that the rear caliper is the same as BC5 Legacy Turbo Sport from North America.

    Soren I'm 99% sure you were given the wrong rotors. Do you have something like NAPA or another major part supplier close to your house? They should stock the rears since I know they stock the fronts.

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    yeah, that's interesting, I'm not sure what to think about it, but I've sent the rotors back and am awaiting a solid type disc, cross drilled. I very well could have been given the wrong discs.

    I wish that site had sizes on the calipers, then I'd know for sure. The opening actually looked larger than mine on that site.. but I don't know.

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    Those look like the rears I got, I estimated that they were 17-18 mm thick, and they were vented. HOWEVER - my rear calipers are only about15mm wide open at the narrowest part - I couldn't even get the rotors part of the way into the caliper.

    I measured the rotors that came with my STi, and I have no reason to doubt that they are stock, and they are only 10mm thick. Solid not vented. My buddie's WRX 02 is exactly the same.

    These rears won't fit our rear calipers - I'm tellin' you chief.

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    No worries Soren, I believe you that they don't fit. It's just weird that you definitely have Legacy Sport Turbo calipers based on your casting number.

    Maybe those two casting numbers I mentioned differ in some ways and this is why. If that's the case there's either a screwup with the manufacturers of these rotors, or the different casting numbers had different sized rotors.

    Are you going to try GDA WRX rear rotors instead? I would buy local and make sure they are returnable if they don't fit.

    I'll try and check my casting number for my rear calipers later today.

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    Yeah, I know you believe me! Just having' a laugh! I do think that with the different American Legacies vs JDM Legacy specs there might be a bit of confusion there - I wouldn't doubt the twin turbo ones had bigger back brakes, but the american Legacy had, what? 150 HP? I'm not really sure what to say, other than the link you had claimed legacy turbo brakes, just as my supplier did, but they won't fit.. so.. I'm not sure what that means exactly, other than the seeming result being that 1994 WRX / STi brakes are not the same front and rear as the 1991-94 Legacy Turbo, as we've been led to believe.


    What do you make of it?

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    IMHO there's no confusion except for the rears possibly. My front brakes are casting 2308 just like yours and when I bought a replacement caliper for 91-94 Legacy Turbo, it is the exact same one right down to the casting number.

    Right now I have 91-94 Legacy Turbo rotors in the front and they are exactly the same as my originals.

    You must have Legacy Turbo brakes because the casting number matches the two casting numbers that the Legacy Turbo has.

    Legacy Sport (Turbo) was only available in the US AFAIK and produced 181 HP.

    The only question is why don't your rear rotors fit?

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    I just re-found this information, and wish that I'd seen this before I ordered my rotors, I could have perhaps saved myself a couple cross-country shipping trips!

    ParkingShoe (set)

    F: 15/R: 14 one pushing

    The only difference listed to the RA in those part numbers is 26255AA041/051 for the RearBackPlateR/L

    Also mentioned is where the two pot/ four pot came into play.
    Type A - Ctype D - Gtype
    Front Caliper One pushing 2 pod <-
    Rotor Ventilated <-
    Rotor diameter 277mm 290mm
    Rear Caliper One pushing 1 pod <-
    Rotor Ventilated <-
    Rotor diameter 230mm 260mm

    Version 3 got the 4 pot front brake.

    Grade STi Ver.III - VI R/RA-STi Ver.III R/RA STi Ver.IV - VI
    Type D - Etype Dtype E - Gtype
    Front Caliper Opposition 4 pod <- <-
    Rotor Ventilated <- <-
    Rotor diameter 294mm <- <-
    Rear Caliper One pushing 1 pod <- <-
    Rotor Ventilated Solid Ventilated
    Rotor diameter 260mm 277mm 290mm

    Sorry the charts don't turn out well. You can find the information on the same site that the TPS info came from

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    Here's the response that I got from my supplier on the rotors:


    Thanks for your kind words. it's a pleasure dealing with you. the only difference between the vented and solid rear rotors are the thickness. so, if your only problem with the rotors i sent before was the thickness, these rotors i'm sending today will fit. that's the only Subaru rotors close to the specs of those vented rotors in the north American market. pretty sure these should work. if not, then you are really out of luck. you will need to have the rotors custom made or directly imported from Subaru Japan. considering the size, the worst case scenario would be that you need to tamper with the position of the calipers. not likely. good luck!
    I'll update once I've installed them, but I think they'll work perfectly.

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