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Thread: My 1993 Subaru Impreza WRX Type RA

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    Default My 1993 Subaru Impreza WRX Type RA

    If anyone's wondering why this hasn't been updated I have no excuse except to say pics were posted in a separate thread:

    Here's my driving impressions:
    These are the best pics I have while the car is still in Japan.
    The real work begins once she finally arrives hopefully the first week of May.

    I'll give the quick specs but I will be adding full specs later on. One thing that needs to be differentiated between this car and a normal WRX is that the transmission in the Type RA makes it much much quicker than a normal WRX. According to owners in the UK Type RA is about 4.6/4.7 seconds to 100 km/h whereas the normal WRX would be much slower due to its transmission.

    Here are the full specs below courtesy of Type RA UK club.

    EJ20 1994cc four cylinder engine fitted with an intercooler water spray, 5th injector

    Model code: GC8A47D
    Engine type: EJ20G DW1HJ
    Transmission type: TY752VB3BA
    Turbo type: Mitsubishi TD05H
    Horsepower: 240PS/6000rpm
    Torque: 224lb ft (31.0Kg-m) @ 5000rpm
    Boost pressure: 11.47psi
    Engine structure: Closed deck
    ECU model: U8
    Weight: 1170Kgs

    Gearbox ratios:
    1st: 3.454
    2nd: 2.333
    3rd: 1.750
    4th: 1.354
    5th: 0.972
    Final drive: 4.111:1

    The MY93 WRX Type RA is the lightweight competition model of the Impreza WRX which was designed for entry into Group N rallying.
    The RA is the "hardcore" Impreza, which does away with "luxury" items such as:
    Digital clock
    Air con
    Electric windows
    The cabin sound deadening material was also substantially reduced.

    Exterior differences on the RA were:
    No side skirts
    No rear wiper
    No foglamps
    No boot spoiler
    No underseal
    Black non electric mirrors
    Black door handles
    The MY93 Type RA was only available in feather white or vivienne red paintwork at a cost of 2,108,000 Japanese Yen.

    Auction Grade 3.5 (no accidents - Type RA without accidents is very impossible to find in Japan in this model year)
    Mileage: ~47000 km
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    Looks nice..
    I do like the look of these cars..
    I might get one for a bit..


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    Thanks dah_hunter, but they're very rare to come across.
    I watched the auctions for months......this is the first non-accident car to come through.

    A normal WRX is easy to come across and it comes full featured, the main difference between these two is the transmission, which makes the RA much much faster than a stock WRX, but both are still great cars IMHO and I love AWD!

    The average one has had like 10 panels replaced (seriously).....
    That's because this is the hardcore RA racing version meant for motorsports.

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    White cars FTW! I love white....

    can't wait to check it out!! only 1 month away now...

    I don't know if I could pick a next many awesome cars to choose from...I like the idea of getting a nissan sonny GTS...AWD SR20 turbo hatch...for winter driving a WRX would also work....hehe
    == Chris ==
    2007 Yamaha FZ6 (for sale)
    1995 BMW 525i Ltd
    1992 Levin GT-Apex - soon to be retired

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    Thanks Chris, likewise.
    I'm considering a Toyota for my next car.

    I really like the idea of the Mark II with the 1JZ-GTE. It seems like one of the most underrated sedans of all time.

    It also has the sportiness if you lower it, put on rims and maybe some kind of body kit.

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    yeah, I think that would make an awesome sleeper car.

    I really like the Aristo too...hmmm, I think I'll stick to the sportier cars for now...I just like em so much.
    == Chris ==
    2007 Yamaha FZ6 (for sale)
    1995 BMW 525i Ltd
    1992 Levin GT-Apex - soon to be retired

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    Very true and I definitely like Aristo.
    We'll see how the Type RA does and I'll probably be looking at something a little different.

    No matter what I think it must have a turbo and 4-doors so we'll see where that leaves me

    I'll try and get some better and larger pics up later this week too.

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    I saw an Aristo today and it was hawt...oh wow. I really like those cars...I'd love to take one for a spin!!!!!
    == Chris ==
    2007 Yamaha FZ6 (for sale)
    1995 BMW 525i Ltd
    1992 Levin GT-Apex - soon to be retired

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    Likewise.....that car is basically perfect.
    Toyota really needs to go back to the drawing board and look at Aristo 3.0V

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    you definitely need to go with some prettier rims...that would do quite a bit for overall aesthetics

    But I'm sure at this point rims are not in the forefront as just receiving the car will be awesome :P
    == Chris ==
    2007 Yamaha FZ6 (for sale)
    1995 BMW 525i Ltd
    1992 Levin GT-Apex - soon to be retired

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