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Thread: Wanting to become a JDM exporter!

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    Lightbulb Wanting to become a JDM exporter!


    My name is Cole and I've always wanted to import JDM cars!

    I don't even know where to began, what it takes, the process, the challenges.

    I was wondering if their are any JDM car importers on here that could I could maybe have a chat with to kinda get a layout of how it's been for them and what kind of struggles they have faced!

    Thank you!

    - Cole

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    Hello Cole,

    Welcome to the forums, to answer that I think we'll have be to be honest that anyone with those answers would be a possible competitor of yours but I wish you all the best. It also depends where you are located and how trustworthy you are deemed, especially since there are still so many variations of scams with JDM cars.

    You'll want to be very familiar with the process in Japan and just as important, at running a business, and offering a great service to your clients. The market is filled with Exporters but what makes them stand out from my experience (even before I've helped bring cars from auction), is honesty, experience and reputation.

    It takes quite a bit of time to do any of the above but it can be done with a large investment of time and cash. I think the only way to succeed is by being passionate about the JDMs and passionate and knowledgeable about the business side. It's definitely not a get rich quick scheme and a lot of it is just dealing with your suppliers and clients successfully, and being honest (where many Exporters new and old have lost the trust of members here).

    Hope the above helps as much as I will disclose that any reply you receive would be from a possible competitor, but I wish you all the best and also recommend reading the rules for Exporters if you decide to keep sharing with the community.
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