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Thread: What JDMs / non-JDMs are you interested in in 2022?

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    Default What JDMs / non-JDMs are you interested in in 2022?

    A lot of new vehicles have been slowly opening up for our friends in the US and many of us here in Canada.

    With world fuel prices being so high I believe a lot of people are looking for some interesting but less fuel inefficient vehicles, so what's on your list? I'm making a quick article on the blog that looks at some of these options.

    I was considering a JDM Lexus LS600HL (which is just really the hybrid LS460L) but I am concerned about the battery and we all know they are very expensive from the factory (likely nearly the same as the car itself!). Then there's the air suspension which we know is not that reliable (on my old Celsior the airbags went at less than 100K KM but I think part of it was that a suspension controller was used and the car was run low at times before I got it).

    So I'm curious guys, are you looking for something efficient or are you looking for the next driftcar like a Chaser, Crown Athlete, or Silvia after playing Forza ?

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    I would love to buy a Supra been on my list for awhile, but the cost is far to much now so I can't see me ever owning one unfortunately.
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    I think a lot of us are shocked, the cars we bought years ago are now worth so much more. Even a nice GC8 is approaching as new prices and of course many vehicles are selling for more than new! I didn't realize that so many younger people are aware and into these cars now, due to games like Forza etc.. Need For Speed.

    However, I'm sure there will be something cool we can all find that suits us. One thing for me is that having kids makes it a bit harder to find the practicality in a smaller vehicle but I am still planning on getting a GDB in the future.

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    Honestly, i'm thinking of getting a plug in hybrid in the next few years. The day to day commuting is starting to cost an arm and a leg so having something that can drive on the battery alone for a 60-70 km would be perfect. Problem is that no one is offering a 7/8 seater mid sized SUV 'cause it would need to tow a trailer in the summer. Sort of in a wait and see approach for now. Hoping they apply the Rav4 prime tech to the highlander. Nothing on the JDM side at this time seeing as I just picked up a RHD lancer Wagon. :P
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