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Thread: Installing Day Time Running Lights DIY

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    Default Installing Day Time Running Lights DIY

    **Do this at your own Risk**

    Thanks to Stinky_1 for showing me this originally.
    Pics will be here soon.. Lost the camera.. LoL

    First i removed the Front Seat Im Much to tall to do this with the Seat in.

    1. Skyline.

    2 remove the bolts holding the under dash (beneath the Steering wheel)

    3. Loosen the Screws that hold the Gauge Console on
    Dont need to take it all the way off

    4. Unplug the Wiring Plug that Plugs into the Headlight switch

    5. Locate the 2 orange wires they should be on opposite ends of the Plug

    6. Tap into each of these and run a wire to connect the two orange cables together

    7. run a wire from this New Attaching Wire and run this down to the fuse box.

    8. I attched it to the one 20 amp fuse.. (I forgot what its for but it activates with the Cars ignition)

    9. Put everything back.. and you now have Day time Running lights.. Dash lights will activate with your turn the head light switch on..

    Thats all the Pics i had (Kids deleted some)
    GL all..

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    Awesome, thanks dah_hunter and Stinky_1. This is the Stinky_1 I know best, making cool mods that the service people don't want us to know.

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    Just did this today, cost me $0.80 for some wire and 20 minutes of my time.
    Works great!!

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