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Thread: JDM Lexus GS450H DRL Mod / Foglight Relay Method

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    Default JDM Lexus GS450H DRL Mod / Foglight Relay Method

    Hey guys,

    I need to get DRL going on my 2007 JDM Lexus GS450H
    I'm hoping to find a way to do a similar method as I used for LS430/Celsior in the past:

    Also have a thread here on ClubLexus.
    Does anyone have any leads on where exactly the foglight relay is and which pin might be the one to energize with 7.5A?

    Thanks guys!

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    I'm also hoping that there is possibly DRL that can be enabled via ECU by using the Toyota VCI cable.

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    No luck so far, Techstream didn't have any option for DRL, so I assume the JDM GS450H does not have the DRL module. I also read and found that there is some "relay integration unit" which means the relays are sealed into this unit and inaccessible, so my oldschool but nice Celsior method can't work.

    My plan now is to use a DRL kit similar to our favorite Hamsar that I'm picking up. I will either run the voltage into the correct lead into the low beams or maybe the foglights.

    Time to break out the multimeter and probes

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