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    Hello there,
    I've been lurking on this forum for years for random bits of information here and there, but realized today that I never actually signed up.

    I run a Subaru specialty shop here in Manitoba, Canada, and have a large community of clients with JDM subaru vehicles that we work on. As with anything from a market that didn't originate here, any help is very much appreciated so thanks for the help over the years!

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    Welcome to the forums. What are the most common JDM Subaru's that you see and are thinking of getting a JDM yourself?
    Many parts for the JDMs are compatible without an issue. For example I recently did rotors, pads and 2 bearings, all with local parts.

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    Hi there,
    We see everything here; having a 25 year import rule we've had JDM WRX/STI coming into the shop from as early as 1993 model years. Lots of twin turbo Legacy with various issues; GC/GF WRX/STI, SF Forester Turbo, Twinscroll BL/BP Legacy, and a ton of GD/GG chassis WRX/STI cars. We'll likely be seeing our first GR chassis WRX/STI soon as well.

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