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Thread: Importing into Canada - Vancouver Port to Alberta

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    Default Importing into Canada - Vancouver Port to Alberta

    Hello All. I'm new to all of this. But I have been reading through this thread to the best of my ability. That being
    said I can tell a lot has changed between 2018 - 2022, no doubt Covid related.

    I have a line on a couple of cars from either, "" or "", I am hoping these exporters are reputable....I notice they both use the same exporter database, for all the cars available for export from dealers...

    - Get the BOL from "" or "" once the car is paid for.

    - Use the BOL to clear customs, with all the required paperwork

    - Clear customs [Is the downtown office still the only one? Can I have the most current Address?] (I did try and read the needed forms in this thread to clear customs, but it seems like it has changed. Is it
    possible for someone to kindly link the forms in a list, or just list the forms needed for customs and I will hunt
    them down, I'll take either, if I'm not asking too much. I know many forms were listed in this thread, but I don't know what's currently valid. I know I am probably going to have to pay:

    $250.00+gst Customs clearance / brokerage (If there is more than one vehicle on the same BL the remainder are $50.00 each.
    $125 Dock charge / unloading of vehicle (could be a bit more if itís an SUV / truck / larger vehicle)
    $100 Excise tax (if vehicle has air conditioning)
    $43 CFIA soil exam+gst if vehicle gets flagged for CFIA soil exam
    Duty 2.5% on Japanese makes / 4.4% on trucks / 6.1% on EU imports
    GST 5% (Alberta)

    - Temporary Insurance and registration for Inspection...I am from Alberta, but I am picking up the car More than likely at the Vancouver Port (Since the Office is downtown?). Can I get temporary Insurance and registration to go get the car inspected? Do I
    have to have the car inspected in BC and in Alberta (I might need an out of province inspection / safety inspection?? OR, Can I get the temporary Registration and Insurance, and just get an inspection in Alberta? (What do I need to show the insurance company to get the temporary registration and Insurance?
    Does anyone have any suggestions on a place to get the car inspected in Edmonton? (I am from Bonnyville, Alberta). I am open to a place for inspection anywhere on the way home from Vancouver once I hit Alberta, if someone knows a good place
    that is friendly and knowledgeable about imports. If an out of province inspection is needed, any suggestions for that as well would be great.

    - Go pick the car up at WWL (Is WWL an acronym for the port, where the car arrived??). I know one used to be able to go get the car on their own, once customs has been cleared and they have Temporary Insurance and registration.
    Not sure if that is still allowed. If it is allowed, some people said the battery could be dead and the tank could be empty, so bringing some gas and a booster may be a good idea. As well, if one cannot do this from WWL due to Covid,
    what are the options:

    - IE Tow the car using a tow company
    - Put the car on a trailer....

    I am hoping I can just go get it and drive it away....once the above is complete.

    Am I anywhere near correct on this process, outside of forms? Thanks for clarifying exactly what the terminology WWL means. The more I can learn and do as much on my own as possible, the better.

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    Okay, I just found this thread, (See I really am reading
    (Looks like I can't post links yet)

    That answers the WWL question for the most part, this is the logistics company at the port. It also answers the question about pick up from WWL for the most part. Looks like with the new rules, one has to organize a tow out of the yard? Is that how it works? From what I can tell there is not 10 day grace period either anymore. Seems like as soon as the vehicle arrives, it's $50 / day for storage until you pick it up...

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