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Thread: Subaru Legacy GT Spec B BL5/BP5 How To Fix Keyless Entry/Reprogram Keyfob Remote JDM

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    Default Subaru Legacy GT Spec B BL5/BP5 How To Fix Keyless Entry/Reprogram Keyfob Remote JDM

    At some point if you own a Subaru of this generation, you will likely suffer some keyless entry issues if you read some of the other Subaru forums (I am now in that camp too!). One day my keyless randomly stopped working and I confirmed the battery voltages were fine. It seems there may be some fault or other issue that corrupt the storage in the BIU or whatever the device is that stores the codes for the "allowed remotes" that occurs at some point and requires reprogramming. Fortunately it's quite simple.

    I tried the "battery" reset trick (disconnect the 12V battery for a few hours) and that did not help. I am thinking this is JDM specific as the whole closing the door and madly turning the ignition off/on 10 times DOES not work for our JDMs or at least never worked for me. The reason I had to do this is because for some random reason my keyless entry stopped working (which if you check other forums it is apparently quite common for this generation).

    My car battery didn't die and wasn't low but I do recall randomly at some point before this happened that the alarm sounded after I entered the car or tried to start it. Things seemed fine for days and then randomly as I mention the keyless just wouldn't work (I even suspected the keyfob itself was dead after verifying the battery was about 3V.

    It is common that if you have a bunch of random eBay batteries that they may go bad, so don't assume that your replacement stash is good. In my case I was actually using a CR1616 as I had so many (but CR1620 is what they should have). They wouldn't last long but at some point after being several years old, they understandably all just died (even the new ones). So if replacing the keyfob battery, make 100% with the voltmeter that the voltage is still good. Batteries that tested within range just months ago were now suddenly like 1.5-1.8V.

    I did this on my 2003 Legacy Spec B BP5 Wagon but am quite certain it is applicable for the BL5 sedan and likely other Subaru's of this era. Basically if you have the two single wire, white connectors in the driver side kick panel, this method should work for you.

    1. Remove the driver side kick panel.
    There is a rivet/screw on the floor that holds in the kick panel. It needs to be twisted and pulled off, it does have actual threads so be careful!. Then you can gently pry out the kick panel.

    2. Connect the two white connectors in kick panel.
    Find the two white connectors as pictured (pics will be uploaded later) and then connect them.

    3. Enter programming mode
    Hit the unlock key on the door. You should hear some beeping and the dome light should be flashing on and off. I believe you will also see the key light on the dash flashing.

    If the above happens, you are now in programming mode.

    4. Program your Key fobs
    *Note that all keyfobs must be programmed at once. Essentially once you hold down the unlock button and keep it pressed, it is only entering whatever keys are programmed in that session (eg. if you have 3 keyfobs but only program only 1, the others will no longer work).

    Hold the Unlock button on the door down (do not let go until you have programmed all remotes!). Hit any same button on your keyfob twice (eg. hit the lock key on the fob twice).
    If successful you should see the door actuator locks and unlocks. If nothing happens try again (make sure your battery is good and reads at 3V). My battery was at 2.8V and BARELY worked (my triangular keyfob uses the CR1620 battery)

    *Note that your keyfob WILL NOT work until you unplug the white connectors. Once you have unplugged the two white connectors, all programmed keyfobs will work.

    I hope this helps someone
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