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Thread: DIY: Ghetto Daylight Running Lights JDM IS350

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    Default DIY: Ghetto Daylight Running Lights JDM IS350


    Temporary way to turn on DRL’s for OOP inspection.

    1. Disconnect Battery

    2. In Engine-bay, find “Head LP” Relay (Headlights)

    3. Pull Relay, the pin I labeled “3” & it’s corresponding terminal is the one you’re looking for. (goes to your headlights)(Keep in mind 2 & 4 will look backwards in the fuse box since it’s facing you in the pic). In my picture it’s the white fuse with a clear wire coming out of it, I just used the fuse to jam/hold the wire in place, fuse doesn’t actually function.

    Edit: Pin 3 is the that stands out, it sits horizontally instead of vertically

    4.Supplying a 12v switch to the terminal identified in step 3 will give you DRL’s when ignition is on.
    5.Find a 12v switch power source. I used “IG2 10A” (With red wire in pic) located in the fuse box just below the one containing your “Head LP” relay.

    6. Connect “Head LP” Terminal we identified with “IG2 10A”. I used a fuse jumper on the “IG2 10A” side. I used a 15A fuse. If this wire comes loose in the engine bay you could have a fire.

    7. Keep relay in your pocket, put everything back as normal after the inspection.
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    Won’t let me post link to my photos because I don’t have 5 posts

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