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Thread: Lexus GS450H Active Stabilizer APSSS Battery Info

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    Cool Lexus GS450H Active Stabilizer APSSS Battery Info

    Hey guys,

    So I've got the Japanese equivalent of "Check Active Stabilizer" which I read on the forums is normally caused by a low battery (the one in the spare tire well for APSSS). I normally get the error after 30+ minutes of driving and often after highway twisties.

    Relevant threads:

    I found this Panasonic AGM battery is marked as "S46A24L" which is actually a Mazda car battery for the Miata.
    As a Lexus Part it is Part # 28800-31340

    I haven't checked local pricing but many say that the Mazda version is priced less than the Lexus version.

    Also be sure that before checking that you take voltmeter and determine the battery is actually bad/low, which is something I'll be doing soon.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    I did check a few weeks ago and sure enough the battery is basically dead at 12.02V resting voltage so this is the cause of the error and the APSSS unit is likely fine itself. I have read that any AGM Group Size 51R should do the trick. Costco has a 51R AGM Energizer for ~$200 so I may try to toss one of those in. Make sure you get a sealed, leak-free AGM, otherwise you risk leaks, destroying items in your trunk, including the APSSS unit itself which sits right beside it.

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