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    Default NSX teaser Vid

    A cool vid on Youtube of the infamous NSX. I think it was well edited, some beautiful cars in there!

    1:55 is my fav part

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    Pretty cool and I love the engine note from these cars. My favorite types of videos are the cars in action in series like Best Motoring.

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    I agree, love the sound of these cars. What is the engine displacement on these again? 3L?

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    I'm not sure about the North American versions but I just read the early JDM models were 4.8 second cars and the 2002-2005 were 4.4!

    According to specs of the USDM version the times for early models were 5.8-5.2 (increasingly slightly with each year). Late models were 4.8 seconds.

    Do you have any idea what the difference was between the USDM and JDMs? Were the engines the same?

    I'm guessing either way that the JDMs were tuned very well.

    Now I understand why they go for so much, even though the price is insane these are a very timeless and classic JDM.

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