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Thread: Importing Supra from Japan

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    Hi Ya...

    Just some pointers.

    1) Although the Supra is 15yrs old you cannot simply import it. You need to import it via a RAWS workshop who will apply for import approval on your behalf. A RAWS workshop will charge you somewhere around AU$2.5k for compliance.

    A good one to start with is Autoworxs in Perth which is where you are in OZ. Speak to Alistair and mention to him you were referred by me and Alistair will look after you.

    I have been working with Autoworx since early 2000, Alistair is the new owner who brought the business off Paul Hewitt about three years ago.

    Alistair will be able to explain to you the inns and outs of importing your own vehicle.

    2) If you are unsure and want a broker to do the importing and arranging the compliance work for you then give the following company a call.

    Please note..... you still need to import the vehicle via a RAWS workshop but JL Imports can arrange all this for you......... they will use Autoworx for the compliance.

    3) If you do not want to use a broker and would prefer to deal directly with Japan and arrange your own importing....... this is not a problem.

    I can refer you to a customs clearing agent in Fremantle who can clear the vehicle for you through customs........ Autoworx, JL Imports and a few others use the same customs broker who I have been working with for a number of years.

    4) Most important - do not buy the vehicle from Trade Carview or Yahoo auctions especially if you are importing it to Australia. If the vehicle arrives into Australia and the RAWS workshop find any structural evidence of accident/repaired, under body rust etc....... the vehicle will fail compliance and will have to be re-exported or destroyed and this is common simply because people do not understand the Australian compliance system. Once again, Alistair from Autoworx will explain.

    You must obtain the vehicle from an agent in Japan who has experience with compliance vehicles and is trust worthy. Weather that is me or not is completely up to you but do not simply buy anything that looks pretty or cheap as there is a good chance it will come back to bite you.

    5) Do not buy any heavy modified vehicle otherwise it will fail compliance. For a vehicle to pass compliance it must be stock standard....... as it left the factory. Aftermarket parts like exhaust, air filter, wheels and in some cases suspension are not a big drama but it will cost you more for compliance. Basically..... I have heard on the grape vine (read between the lines) that some compliance work shops will loan you the original parts for you to swap out on the vehicle and once the vehicle is complied and signed off you swap it back.

    The Supra you found on Trade Carview........ you will have to change the front bumper back to original. The reason is the indicators are not in the correct position. You will need to change the bonnet as well (fiber bonnets are not allowed and you will fail the pits as it is vented towards the front windscreen), plus the wheels etc.
    The aftermarket side skirts are OK as they are not a problem for compliance.

    This is the problem with buying a vehicle from a dealer or agent who does not know the OZ system or does know but does not inform you that you are going to encounter problems. Many are only interested in getting the sale......... what happens once the vehicle arrives in your country is your problem as they do not take responsibility for your countries registration or import laws.

    A good agent/dealer will advise their customer who is new to importing like you the do's and don'ts of importing to that country as part of being an agent is to protect the customers interests.

    6) I do not have any SZ Supra's in stock as I only buy SZ's to order. You will find you can buy a 1995 SZ for the same price as a 1993/94 model from the auctions. 1993/94 model vehicles in Japan tend to fetch around the same price as 1995 (depending on model). The reason is that Canada cannot import a 1995 model yet so a 1995 model are not in demand. But 1993/94 models, Canada can import these years so they prices tend to be higher at auction.

    Like Derek and most agents, I can also source vehicles to order as 80% of our business is in fact purchase to order. Most tend to think we only supply from stock which is far from the case.

    Any way..... good luck.



    Mark Bremner
    Brave Auto International - Japan Based Vehicle Exporter & Auction Agent - 20yrs Sourcing & Exporting Genuine Hi-Grade Vehicles to Customers Worldwide.

    Main Website / Japanese Auction Search Website / Facebook / Youtube

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    I told you to go with Mark... Wow, what a post.

    I know there are a lot of people out there who claim they will sell you a vehicle for Australia but as you can see it takes a little bit more than is expected.

    Unless you are versed in the ins and outs of the process, something may go wrong and you don't want to be on the receiving end of that. I know I am not ready to enter that market and compete well. I will focus on Canada for now since that is what I know...

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    Mark, that's the most informative post I've read in a long time. I was completely unaware of all the pitfalls you mentioned for Australia. This thread should be of much use to anyone who is interested in importing to Australia! I really hope that Jay hasn't gone ahead yet, and also that he speaks to you regarding finding him a car.

    Derek, I'm always interested to hear what you've got to say - and knowing this information re: Australia now, I'll keep that in mind (that you'll be focusing on Canada) in my suggestions in the future. I've gotta go, I can't wait any longer to read your latest update to the "Japan Auction Vehicles" thread, and I see you've made one!

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    Soren, I forgot to thank you for suggesting me.

    Something like that means a lot to me as the best way to sell a company is through word of mouth. I am very happy that you would recommend me.

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    Thank you all for your time and effort.

    After alot of research, it's alot easier to go with

    :P Thanks Alot!

    maybe someday soon i'll be able to import my own car

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    Jay, I went on the site you mention, and I'd say you've found a decent importer - at least you know his cars are going to be good and very clean - up to Mark's Standards!

    Keep us updated on the process, car you select, and then when you get it, post your pics!

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    JellyFishJay, did you make any progress on finding your Supra?

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    Does any one know an importer in Sydney? a Mate of mine wats to import a Supra RZ TT 6 Speed.

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    Contact PacificcoastJDM

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    Sorry I don't know many in Australia but there are definitely some. If you import on your own make sure you learn what models are allowed and the requirements/regulations to get it on the road, AFAIK it's a bit more complicated than many other countries including Canada. Keep us updated.

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