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Thread: Importing Supra from Japan

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    Default Importing Supra from Japan

    Okay, i'm looking to import a Toyota Supra 1994 SZ
    From my limited Knowledge :P and just reading up now, i will be able to import this car into Australia with out upsetting the government, the only issue is money and organizing it all. (:

    The Spec's are here, hopefully thats everything, im not the brightest with car's and im still learning

    Year / Month

    79,950 km

    3,000 cc




    Model code

    VIN(Vehicle Identification Number)/Serial No.



    Number Of Passengers

    Exterior Color

    Interior Color

    Expiry Date


    Mechanical Problem

    Anti-Lock Brakes / Power Windows / Rear Window Defroster / Rear Window Wiper / A/C:front / Power Steering / Remote Keyless Entry / Digital Meter / AM/FM Stereo / CD Player / Power Seats / Alloy Wheels / Power Door Locks / Power Mirrors

    Very clean interior
    Looks & runs great
    Low mileage
    Runs & drives great

    Wont let me paste Links to picture's until my post count is 10 or Greater, so i guess this will have to do :P

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    Well, good thread, I'm looking forward to learning about the supra, and what to look out for etc. I noticed in the pics that some of the panels didn't seem to totally line up - looked a little sloppy - but overall it looks pretty clean. I'm sure someone here will give you an idea of what to look out for. I'd talk to Derek and BraveAutoInternational on this site before I bought from whereever this is - both of them are Japanese Exporters, and have lots of experience and great feedback. The last thing you want is a money pit!

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    It's why i posted, need advice, advice, advice, and people with experience that can help me out, point me in the correct direction :P

    It's currently 6:05 AM in Australia; Perth so i think i might call it a Night. bahaha but i'll be back!

    Thanks for your help already.

    If you find it necessary you can contact me via MSN which is usaully on when ever i'm online.


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    Sorry Jay, I should have linked up to profiles there, let's try that again:

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    Mark from Brave is from NZ and has experience exporting to Aus.

    Auto SZs are priced really well. They're good value for money.

    If you can get more info on the car like the auction sheet I can translate that for you. If the vehicle is a dealer car they will be reluctant to give it to you though.

    Good luck with the purchase.

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    Default :)

    The dealer I am buying from is called "japannetmercado" hopefully there well known

    I didn't know much and went looking at all the taxes and such for Australia, and then i sent them an E-mail about shipping and if they have any preferred methods, they sent back this:

    Answering you, I can do the shipping by my side, and bring you the car in the Port of your choice in Australia, so that you will need to take out the car from your port, according with the Australian policies, to do the doings(Tax, others costs, etc. will be your responsability)

    Car price US$3.860,00
    Insurance US$ 40,00
    Freight US$ 850,00

    Shipment : Within 3 weeks from confirmation of payment date
    Payment : Wire Transfer (Telegraphic transfer)
    Price Validity: 3 days from Invoice date
    Loading : RoRo
    Shipment time (days): 15~25 days.

    You will take the car in 40 ~ 50 days after the transfer of the amount

    If anyone can verify that they have been through this company before?
    Has anyone used before?


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    Well, I've not heard the best things about tradecarview - I've used it to look at different models etc, but there are others here that will hopefully give some input - also input into your costs etc, I'm not sure if they are on the money, or high or what?

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    I got a quote from an Import Company based on the other side of the country from were i am, they said $11,200 (Australian Dollar's)

    That's with taxes, with plates, customs cost's, minus registration.

    They prefer to find there own car's at auctions though, while i just tell them what i want and they purchase it. :|

    But i know what i want D: haha

    Could you throw a few more trusted better things than Tradecarview at me then please?

    Perhaps i will have to start looking again.

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    I just got an email from Carizma, enquiring about there services and what i should do, they gave me this in return:

    Quote Originally Posted by Carizma
    Hi Jay,
    Best thing to do is just call them and if its a phone diverted to a mobile then you know they are just some back yard job but if its a shop and you get a receptionist then they are legit and they wont want to ruin their reputation so you should be fine. If you want, another option is, we know where they are and he could have the vehicle inspected for our $1100 fee, if that gives you more peace of mind.
    So call them and if your happy we can pay for you and take it over from there.
    Let me know what you think


    Paul @ Carizma
    Seems fair, I'm going to ring see what happens, any suggestions and advice is much appreciated

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    well, I'll tell you that buying sight unseen requires trust. I personally think that trust is really important, and I'd want to ensure that I felt good about who I was dealing with. I've mentioned Derek and Brave Auto in this thread, and to be quite honest, I would start there. I wouldn't take any chances with anyone else if I was in your position. You seriously owe it to yourself to see what a decent Exporter does- have a look at BraveAuto's site and Derek's Site.

    If you feel totally comfortable with your found contact, then go for it - but you must also be willing for it to go bad too. If you go with someone like Derek, he'll find out what you want and search for that car, he'll likely have certain ones you're interested in checked out for you and give you guidance as to whether he thinks it'll be a good car or not, and with Brave Auto, just looking around the site should give you the idea that there's very little that isn't known about the cars that Mark carries there. I'm telling you man - spend a little while reading and comparing..then commit when you feel like you've done your due dilligence.

    EDIT: Just to add, my importer (I'm in Canada) is amazing, we'll go through tonnes of cars (maybe 40 or 50) and have 10 or so checked out before I find the one I'm happy with, and give me full advice regarding the quality we can expect from any given vehicle. I hope that you can find someone there or in Japan that is this good - then the process is so fun - it's like a drug!
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