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    Well, we all know that Soarers are not classified as supercars.

    But this must make people change their opinions:

    AB Flug demo Soarer

    1.5JZ equipped with T88-34D
    6 Speed transmission
    710ps/51kg-m @ 1.8kg/cm2

    Built to compete with the big dogs, capable of reaching speeds up to 320km/h.

    And to top it all off....

    It's for sale! With a hefty price, but definately importable into Canada!

    Derek! Can you translate plz?

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    I'm not a fan of the body, but I am of the engine. I guess if you have that kind of power, no one can fault you for an extravagant body kit

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    I agree, I would change the front bumber in a hurry. Paint a 2 tone, like silver and grey or something. Add some Volks or SSRs with a sick offset to fill the gaps then only drive it on sunny days . I like the way they cut the hood out to make the turbo fit, it's done tastefully

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    Thought I would update this thread, just because it's epic and inspiring.

    Another 1.5 conversion Soarer in Edinburgh Scotland:

    Both looks and power

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    Nice, is there any info on what work went into this conversion?

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