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Thread: Is anyone else not completely clear on how to clear your car RO/RO from WWL?

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    Default Is anyone else not completely clear on how to clear your car RO/RO from WWL?

    I've read a few guides not everything is clear to me on how it works and what you have to do after reading it all it's not clear exactly what has to be done and how it is done. Here is the updated step-by-step guide for RO/RO WWL Clearance which I made based on this thread.

    Once I'm done this process I'll update it step-by-step and clearly explain when and how things happen and exactly WHAT YOU NEED TO DO and when you do it

    Here is what I know and have done so far and I take no responsibility for the accuracy because it is my first time importing on my own

    1.) WWL called me to ask for my fax number and I received a form called "Inbond/Arrival Notice" which is probably the same thing as an "Advice Notice" from Fraser Wharves (I think).

    2.) My car landed sometime this morning, so this is great but I already know by calling WWL and pressing option 1 that cars on my vessel aren't available for pickup Until May 12th. (Call 604-528-8263 extension 1)

    3.) I know I have to submit my original Bill of Lading to the local NYK Line agent (Greer Shipping) so they can fax the Steamship release to WWL. That is easy, I will drop it off myself to Gabriella (she has replaced Vanessa) at 900 - West Hastings St in Vancouver (Floor Number Six)

    So now I know that the car is landed a few things have to happen but I don't know how to make them happen.

    *How does CBSA do the soil inspection on my car and how do I arrange this? Some guides imply this happens on its own and others say you have to contact customs for some thing.

    *How and when do I obtain this request for release form? It seems to be tied in directly to the CBSA soil inspection.

    *When do I go to visit customs? I assume once the CBSA inspection is done and I have this request for release form but again how and when do I get this form?
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    Default Documents Faxed from WWL Inbond/Cargo-Control Notice

    WWL basically says it's up to us to figure it out and we should get a broker if we're unsure but they give some decent information about the process themselves.
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    Default WWL says to visit for the Request For Release Form

    I was there but I'm not sure which form it is. I'll update this shortly.

    I'm not sure if it's even there because there is no "Request For Release" title at all
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    Ok I think I have the CBSA Form figured out. It is done exclusively through customs so just call this number and ask them to e-mail or fax the form. I will post it here one I have it.

    I assume I just fill out the form they send and fax it back and then I'll hear back from them once the sample is completed. After that point I think that's when I can visit customs to pay them their duty, gst and $100 aircon fee and have all the documents stamped.

    I'm also still going to drop off my BOL to the NYK Line agent to make sure the Steamship release form is sent to the terminal because WWL states they won't release your car without it so it's best to be safe as it appears the process has changed in the last year from when the information I read came from.

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    I just got a chance to call that number and they will just fax it to the number that you provide them. (see below I attached the CBSA Soil Sample/Request For Release Form in this post)

    Then I just need to complete the form and fax it back to 604-713-9508 on the form.

    How To Fill It Out
    "Broker" can be left blank
    "Transaction No." can be left blank
    "Port of Entry" can be blank
    "Delivery address" can be blank
    "Vessel Name" (can be found on your Inbond Cargo Control/Advice Notice and/or your Bill of Lading BOL)
    "Voyage No." - refer to BOL or Notice
    "Port of Discharge" - WWL Annacis Island (or Fraser Wharves you should know which one)
    Bill of Lading No." - check your BOL

    Don't forget to fill out your credit card payment info.
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    CBSA says the cars should be inspected tomorrow.
    I'm hoping to get a fax back from them ASAP so hopefully I can make an appointment with customs on Friday.

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    I still haven't heard back from CBSA but I have confirmation the samples have been completed already and some people received their fax back.

    CBSA hasn't answered their phones all day so I guess they're really busy.

    In hind-sight, now that I understand the process better, I should have faxed that Request for Release form as soon as I had the Inbond Cargo Control Notice from WWL and that would have sped things up.

    I'm sure this little guide will make it helpful for any other first time importers.

    Just to recap, once I get this fax back I will be able to make the appointment with customs, pay my duty/gst and aircon fee.

    Then I will also drop off my BOL to Gabriela the NYK Line agent and on Monday I will be able to pickup my car.

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    I told you guys and a provided a request for release appoval form. I had a blank on there. and its pretty sorry.
    I just checking online for a sec here in Africa sorry i cant help you guys out.. i thought i had provded a good guide but i guess that i missed some stuff or it wasnt clear enough..
    they really arent that concerned certain feilds, and if you make a mistake they jsut call you and tell you what to fix.. i have done it tons..

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    Hey dah_hunter don't worry everything is under control so just enjoy yourself over there!

    I'm picking up my baby this morning in 7 hours and we're waiting for CBSA to fax us back for your cars.

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    Default No fax back

    CBSA is really backed up right now and won't even answer their phones i have left 4 messages but still no fax for release approval forms!!!

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