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Thread: JDM OTTAWA now Open

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregA View Post
    So if I Google "porn" right now, I won't get anything, because it's adult content? How about the BBB? Do they know you're using their logo? Good luck...You're gonna need it...
    Lol what you think, they do we are in the process of switching the business name from Speedline Hot Imports to JDM Ottawa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregA View Post

    Last link...

    "Welcome to Speedline Hot Import. Where you can meet your real JDM dream car. We can source our customers."

    Please post the link of and we have no connection with 100web or what ever they are called.

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    Here is something interesting..

    the only differance between those cars is the front lip..

    All the same...

    1) Rims

    2) Window Tint.

    3) WRX Sticker on the back.

    4) Tail pipe.

    5) Stereo….. if you look closely it has the same aftermarket stereo with two large knobs at each end..

    6) Layout of stereo…. storage box above the stereo.

    7) Ashtray faded.

    8) Both have same style Nardi steering wheel.

    9) Black WRX's do not grow on trees…… black, same rims, same tint, same muffler.

    This is the kinda crap that i dont like..

    I dont care about prices.. or whatever..

    but dont lie about cars.. and them blame it on.... Web design..
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    Your point, what your trying to get 2. Go get a real website for your small and little business not a 50$ high school kid who build it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdmott View Post
    Your point, what your trying to get 2. Go get a real website for your small and little business not a 50$ high school kid who build it.
    Uhh, at least he has testimonials, and 1 website. Not a wild Goose chase of like 6 different websites. In my opinion you look like your trying to sell crap for a quick buck, and I didn't know changing hoods adds horsepower, I thought engines did the HP. Let Me go Turbo my hood and ill tell you how it goes, I am guessing its not going to work.

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    Pretty sure any reputation you had here is more or less gone. I hope others can see this and don't use your service.

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    Um... not accurately representing cars.. thats my only point.. my only concern.. aside from you lack of edict..

    however you lack of English skills also gets on my nerves..

    But hey so far you have entertained me enough into researching the cars that you are lying about..

    I know my site is junk.. LoL that doesn't concern me..

    at least the cars on my site actually exist..


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    I don't know how this thread turned out this way and I've never seen a reaction like this on (it reminds a bit too much of some Subaru communities).

    Here is what I think sums it up:

    1.) JDM Ottawa did not make a good impression at all based on his first posts.
    2.) Their website and inaccuracies do not make a good impression.
    3.) Criticism goes both ways and I've seen a lot of valid points.
    4.) I think we should all try and be civil even in a situation like this without making it a "flamefest".

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    Hey JDMVIP I'm quite new here and I can see why you don't like the way this thread turned out. The thing is here we have a tight knit group who respects one another and is very helpful to each other. I can see here there is very little tolerance for shady dealers and this seems as bad as it gets. It's regrettable the outcome but I have to agree with the reaction. This is why I keep coming back to this site it's honest and doesn't cover for what gives JDM a bad name like some other sites.
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    Hey FtGF good post. I see what you're saying, and this site does have 0 tolerance for shady dealers.

    I do see they've updated their ads fairly quickly (eg. the non-STi at least). I would really like to see the chassis plate on their black WRX, because that would be inexcusable if those are the same two cars.

    It's not so much the reaction that worries me but how it turned into a flame war. If anyone from the outside were to read the posts they may not know what's going on and it doesn't look very good.

    It's fine to respond and point out some important things like people have done, that shouldn't be stopped but this thread quickly turned into a flamewar from all sides.

    At the end of the day it's up to the members of this site and others who casually browse if this is a company they would want to deal with.

    That's my 2 cents and I'm not singling anyone out. I just don't want the way of the flame to become common around here.

    It's very hard to keep a balance as a moderator when you have to make everyone happy, and it's even harder when both sides have valid points (some more or less).

    Cheers guys

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