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Thank you JDMVip, I will be honest with you, the new management came to an agreement of buying just the name of the Speedline people as they advertised their business as jdm ottawa and made the name reputation really bad as well. When our owners were working on launching the business a while ago it came across that there is someone already running by Jdm ottawa and Speedline. So they decided they will give up the name as it was registered to them. We bought it for a really small fee as they were wasting their time in the market (no disrespect to them ). We also transferred all their emails and related accounts to prevent further misunderstandings.
I don't want to sound ignorant but there are a lot of jdm importers here in Canada (without pointing name) functioning under different business names just to cover up their past and shameful services.
Regarding this forum we were actually advised by a customer on the phone if we were related to Speedline or have any connection with them. Lucky for us they still had this account active.
I have to say personally that this a great forum for addressing the worst and most reliable companies in Canada or even in Japan. I am not just saying it but only time will tell as they say.
I will be starting a new thread to eliminate the confusion about the old name and the new management. We will be more than happy to hear any small or big compliant about us or how we can improve our services to everybody around.
Hopefully all the members will give us a chance to prove the Real JDM-Ottawa and work hand to hand with them. We would really appreciate it if you add us under the Importers list and we would like to pay a donation to the forum just to show our support and gain all of your trust by time.

What shady jdm importers are you talking about? The jdm import game is not new anymore, people have weeded out the good, bad and ugly importers by now. Just know who to import your car through (not that hard after a little bit of research), heck, all the importers on this forum (sorry, but im going to have to disclude you because I can not find any feedback from anyone) are the best importers in the game, there are a few more that are not on this forum but it is very simple who see who knows what they are doing in this business. I would have no issue importing through any importer/exporter on this forum (Ben, Brave, William, Derek-pacific coast, ect.) because there is feedback everywhere for them and their work speaks for themselves. Good luck...