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Thread: Subaru Select Monitor/Data Logger Cable for EJ20G

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    I've used it but didn't have great luck, some of the values are clearly not correct (it seems they need to add or remove 0s etc...). It is useful for checking some basic voltages and timing etc...

    If you're talking about EJ20G there is no alternative or replacement AFAIK and doubt anything else will come around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mixdnuts View Post
    So did the cable work with an OBD2 scanner? I think going this way you would only be able to pull codes not log data.
    Nope, didn't work. Money down the drain! I made myself a TTL cable and use evoscan. But as jdmvip said some values are incorrect. And can't seem to manage to put IAM address correctly. Not all is wrong, TPS, Battery and some other stuff work fine (checked them with a multimeter). I'm having some knock correction (2-3 deg) at low rpm and idle, and can't see to figure if its a wrong value or something else.

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    Question Have mercy!

    I'm at my wits end trying to chase down an issue with the EJ20K engine in my '98 JDM Impreza V4 Sti. The car has basically been undriveable since last November.

    I've read over this thread (and plenty of others online). Maybe I'm just slow, but it's unclear to me what works with one version of Sti but might not work with another.

    So... has anyone been able to connect a laptop to a V4 Sti to monitor/log the sensor values? I would be ever so freakin' grateful to know what exact cable you used!

    Please throw me a bone here... I'm getting desperate.

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