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Thread: CARCHS Co. Ltd. terrible...

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    +1 to Muhammad Saeed Khan for adding his experience to this thread.

    I think this thread is very useful and fair because it's great that the company itself came here to give their position and side of the story and we can all see how they work.

    This way it benefits both the buyer and the seller, in this case the buyer knows what to expect as far as pre-sales/service goes and the seller has an idea of what Export customers are looking for.

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    I was just talking to Picknbuy24 aka Agasta and thought I would warn that they are the parent company and basically all the same. I found this out by fluke on their website. I also politely mentioned this thread and how I Googled and didn't remember Carchs. The person on the phone got quite upset and seemed to get rude in the way the OP mentioned (this is not the same person the OP is talking about they apparently don't work there anymore). This is part of the reason why I made this thread: (ironically nothing on that thread is actually about these guys-well not much).

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