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Thread: Which Exporters offer a front-cut/front-clip service?

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    Thought it could be useful to post some pics of the different kinds of cuts, because sometimes the same cuts will be called different names and it can get a bit confusing.

    Front Cuts, Front Clips, Half Cuts
    These will usually mean the same thing to an exporter. Typically cut on the A-Pillar just above the highest point of the dash (usually the meter area) and through the floor just behind the transmission lever. All mechanicals are left intact and the propeller shaft and exhaust system unbolted. Great for performance conversions, because you get all the bits, unlike say getting an engine-transmission only.

    Best if the fuel and brake lines are cut long and wound up high on the stub of the A-Pillar to stop leaking. Also best if the A-Pillar cut is horizontal not at 90 degrees to the pillar, and that all panels are removed. If you want one of these be clear to your exporter about how you want the harness treated. i.e. complete, cut and where it should be cut. Its also a good idea to get the diff, because JDM ratios and export market ratios can sometimes be different.

    Rear Cuts
    In its most basic form this is a "Long Rear Cut", or what you get leftover when you do a front cut. i.e. all the rear from the A-Pillar onwards. They do take up a lot of space in a container, but you can pack out the trunk with small parts, and seats and small parts pack out well inside the car. There's also a technique to pack over the turret without damage. Another variation is to cut the turret just in front of the C-Pillar and the floor in front of the rear wheel arch to create a "Short Rear Cut". And you can go smaller still with a cut through the trunk area to create a "Tail Cut" or "Beaver Cut" which is used for repairing minor rear damage.

    Roof Cuts and Turret Cuts
    As the name suggests, cut through the A, B and C-Pillars to get a "roof only" cut. Used for repairing bad turret damage - rollover, hail, fallen tree branches etc.

    Side Cuts
    These are typically B-Pillar Cuts - with the B-Pillar and portions of turret and sill - or "Sill Cuts" with the complete sill and small portion of the B-Pillar. These are used for repairing side crash damage.

    Nose Cuts
    These are as the name suggests, just the "nose". The include all front bits - with no dismantling - and cut just behind the radiator support. i.e. bumper, reinforcement bar, radiator, condenser, headlights, grille, etc. Because you get all the bits you need they are great for repairing minor front damage or for a "facelift" mod. e.g. "Onevia", "Sileighty" etc. They are most available for older cars. We source them for Y7,000. For late model cars or valuable cars you will sometimes need to source the whole vehicle.

    Things to look out for are cutting by oxy-acetylene which can destroy the bumper etc. and dismantlers who stack these without protection. The towing hooks sit right on the headlights.
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    @Tsuchiyama please tell me your email to send you a message with some questions.

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