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Thread: GC8 ECU reset and fast re-learn.

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    My car doesn't seem to have green connectors ... just black.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trev View Post
    My car doesn't seem to have green connectors ... just black.
    Mine were zip tied and hidden under the dash. It'll take a bit of digging if your car is the same but I'm sure they will be there.
    97 STI V-Limited

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    Arrow Confusion with displayed codes and resetting the ECU

    Quote Originally Posted by Braden View Post

    Taken off another subaru site...
    I suspect it was copied from this forum HERE. I posted a question there about the procedure, but no one there either knows the answer or could be bothered to respond. So here's basically the same question being asked again...

    I've read and re-read this thread about resetting the ECU, as well as its companion thread - How to read Subaru CEL (GC8 stock ecu only) When I connect the black connectors and turn the ignition key to ON, there are no signs of the diagnostic mode... no relays click, no fans run. However, I get a code 24 flashing (Idle air control solenoid) which is rather odd as the car doesn't appear to exhibit any idle speed issues.

    I wanted to clear the code, so I went through the process of connecting the green connectors with each other, as well as connecting the black ones. I went through the other steps with the gas pedal as well. After I started the engine and drove for a couple of minutes, instead of the CEL flashing the all clear signal, I got a code 32 (Oxygen sensor).

    That was odd, but I thought that if I then repeated connecting just the black connectors that it would now indicate this "new" code 32. But no, it instead displayed the "old" code 24... which was supposed to have been re-set by the previous green-green and black-black process.

    What is going on? What am I missing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdmvip View Post

    I posted the ECU reset somewhere
    Was it Here?

    I found that thread while googling my engine issues which I had mentioned Here. I'm now beginning to suspect I do indeed have a failed O2 sensor. I'll report more once I've determined for sure what the heck is going on.

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