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Thread: JT's RHD RSTi in progress

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    Arrow 2001 2.5rs

    I'm Jordan, but all my friends call me JT. This is my first members journal ever so bear with me please... Im 18 and Im from a small town in CT... I've always had a passion for cars since middle school. Surfing the web during class dreaming of one day owning my own sports car. I honestly dont remember how or when I got turned on to Subarus, but Im sure glad I did! These cars are my passion and I plan to one day own a private garage. Now back to the car... Back in the 8th grade one of my neighbors owned a 2000 sedona red 2.5rs... After I saw all the mods he did to it, I was hooked and knew that one day I would own one! That day came January of my senior year in High School. I found it surfing craigslist at like 3 in the morning lol. It was in PA and looked really clean. At the time it had about 135k or so on the clock. It auto, blue, and had a big ass wing!! what more could a teenager ask for lol. SO me and my father took the trip down to allentown and picked her up for 2900 bucks. Good deal. It was everything I ever wanted in a car. ( except for the fact that it was auto) Best part of all is that it was a coupe!!! I thought once I got a car i would be satisfied with leaving it stock to save money. Little did I know, I was VERY wrong hahaha. Even though I was MC hammer broke after buying the car, the mod bug hit me hard... Ever since that day I manage to get little things here and there for the car. Keep in mind im only 18 so Im not Ballin just yet. But money is starting to steady come in and I've got a few tricks up my sleeve that I plan on revealing soon. Dont sleep on me!

    Want to go rhd, but juggling the idea of just buying a totaled usdm wrx or sti instead. Maybe even a v7 front clip if i can swing it. We'll see what happens. Pics to come of my parts pile!

    When I first Picked up the car last january (2010)

    Thanks for viewing my journal, and stay tuned for more updates.
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    Hey Jordan!

    Nice looking car you have there. I just subscribed to this thread and I am looking forward to what you have in store.

    I am definitely digging the coupé man. So awesome!

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    Thanks man!!


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    so unfortunately i think going rhd is a no go right now due to lack of funds. i will make a rhd sti one day though!! for the moment, ive decided to swap in an ej205 from an 03 wrx!!! gonna be getting a great deal on everything towards the end of spring.. I will however stock up on jdm parts!!! just need to finish paying off the swap first. stay tuned.

    BTW the edit button is not working for my previous posts, wtf?

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    Part of me is kinda happy the RHD conversion is a no go. It seems like far too much work/money for what you get. Hope you get lots of pictures of the engine conversion up here though.

    Edit button doesn't work for anyone other then mods after about 15 minutes. It's come in handy when some people want to retract statements they made about certain companies/people...

    Mods can always edit threads though, so you can ask the really nice mods, or take your chances with me, I'm pretty much a meanie. Note that when a Mod edits a post, it'll say why at the bottom. Also, I'd like to say that I stink.
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    haha ok i understand, not a big deal!! Ill just post as I go with that here are some of my current Uninstalled mods, hope the pics are not too big!!

    V3 STi wheel

    Genuine Prodrive P1 Fog light kit

    Momo Pedals ( Currently looking to sell or trade for wrx pedals)

    JDM front bumper beam

    6k HID's

    Hella Horns with Subie mods Bracket/harness

    Chargespeed V1 Front Lip!!! paid 500 for this, so yea i <3 it lol

    Also have a thule roof rack. No pics though.

    After paying off my debts from the swap, I will be looking for genuine 22b vents, V5/6 grill with pink I badge, Jdm V5/6 smooth style rear bumper with lisense plate bracket, front aero guards, Chargespeed V1-2 rear lip (pictured in my avatar), Rear window visor, wingless trunk, and V6 sti seats front and rear, 06/07 4 pots with slotted rotors/hawk hps pads and braided lines. After I get all that, i will powedercoat my stock 6 spokes ceramic white, install everything and repaint it with some fresh brp. From there i will work on my suspension more (lateral links, trailing arms, diff cover, diff brace, fender braces, endlinks, more bushings, camber plates+bolts) until thats complete, and then ill go for more power. Currently my suspension mods include megan racing coilovers, whiteline front sway bar, whiteline HD steering rack bushings, whiteline 22mm adjustable front sway bar,Whiteline (PSRS), and a cusco front strut bar. All of which are currently installed. Eventually to finish off the car, i would like some white old school Enkei NT03s in 5x100 17x7.5. But thats gonna be way down the road

    Also, I still need a jdm hub so that my turn signals will work with the sti wheel.

    and Im going to need a rear wheel bearing as well. Gonna be ordering one of these soon.
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    Looking awesome bro! Can't wait to see the results!

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    Thanks, neither can I!

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    Where did you plan on mounting the Supertones?

    I had a set that I wanted to install on my STi V2 and I couldn't find any spot that would fully clear them, using the stock and supplied mounting bars. Installing them ahead of the radiator won't work as the area is too shallow and comes in contact with the grille.

    I ended up putting them in my 2005 RS.
    1995 STi Version II

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