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Thread: Coilpack Conversion thread

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    Default Coilpack Conversion thread

    Many thanks to Rob who has popularized this conversion, and given very excellent instructions that have been read, and utilized many times over. Really this post is for all the VIP community, and if I can do it...
    Here's the original thread on NASIOC

    Now, on to the good stuff.

    Why is this done? My cars were having coil issues. Sometimes issues with all cylinders firing properly, even with new plugs, sometimes stuttering when trying to accelerate and overall sloppy performance. I'd already replaced a couple old OEM coils on one of my cars, but didn't find that performance was 100%.

    I found some OEM style coils for WRX/STi 04-07 online and ordered them up.

    You'll notice that these don't have any wiring on them, and they are 3 wire, when the ones you've pulled out of your car are 2 wire. You'll need to clip the wires off your original coils so that you have the "pigtail" connector to wire into your engine assembly. You'll also have to solder wire onto the pins on the new coils.

    First, I cut the plastic off of one side with a dremel, then I cleaned the pins with a cotton swab

    I then labelled each pin as
    (+) Positive (this is an original wire)
    (-) Ground (you'll be missing this wire off your 2 wire old coil)
    (T) Trigger (this is an original wire)

    I've chosen Red, Black and White wires. If you choose yellow wire instead of white, then you'll be matching red-red, yellow-yellow

    The black wire can be a tad shorter and have a ring-end on it, because it'll be attaching to the bolt, which will ground to the engine itself.

    The last thing I did here was to use a high-temp epoxy to seal in the area, and guard against any accidental contact with the sauder joints.

    Solder together your old pigtail wires to the new wires you've just added to the new coils, and voila, you're done.

    The last step is to wire around the igniter. Easiest way to do this, is start at one end, clip one wire off of each end of the ignitor harness, and then wire them together, move to the next one. The larger, black wire does not get connected to anything, so leave that one.

    If you're looking for decent, specific instructions, definitely head over to the NASIOC post, I just wanted to share my pics and experience.
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    I would NOT trust my own work in such an important application.

    Hope this works out for you.
    1995 STi Version II

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    It works out for everyone. Seriously. There was a time that this intimidated me, but so many people have done it, and it really stands up. It's the way to go.

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    That dremel comes in handy, don't it now?

    Wouldn't use any solder (what's sauder anyways?) for such an application. Heavier wire, crimp connections, heatshrink on top. Solder joints have a tendency to disintegrate in car electrics thanks to heat and vibration. YMMV though, I suppose.

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    ^^ spelling nazi

    Glad the light has been seen by you on this subject Shaun!

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    Hum, yep... I don't know what I was thinking there - I've fixed the spelling. I chose the solder route because that's what everyone else was doing. Speedstick has had this for more km's than anyone I know, so I'd like to hear from him on what he did, and how it held up. I'd thought of using crimp connectors, but decided this might be better in the long run.

    Dremel was great!

    Braden, I still stand by the original wiring, and you bet I'd still stick with the OEM style OG coils for this, with no hacking at all, but it's generally much more expensive.

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    Yeah for sure, the OE stuff is probably great when it is not 15-18 years old. And would cost a lot to completely freshen up... This is cheaper works great. Plus you eliminate a potential problem (igniter).

    Now to get you on the tune+mbc bandwagon
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    nah, not interested at all man.

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    I think I remember you saying that about the coil packs too

    Just tuggin your chain.

    /smartass mode/thread derail

    Lemme just crawl back under my bridge.
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    I have to do this in the very near future, doesn't seem too hard.

    Soren, can you post the link to where you got the coil packs?

    Also I think this thread should be sticky'd.

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