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Thread: Importing used vehicle from the US

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    Default Importing used vehicle from the US

    Hey guys, I'm considering importing a car from the states and driving it over. I have done some research and listed out what I need:
    - certificate of title, recall clearance letter, faxed to US customs border where I will be crossing into Canada 72hrs in advance
    - once at border, I will need to Provide bill of sale along with original documents listed above.
    - bring insurance certificate with me.
    - pay duty, fees and taxes(full hst now?)

    My question is regarding plated....
    If I cam not crossing states(buying in Michigan or new York state and crossing through Ontario) can I put on Canadian plates? Or what can I do?


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    There's not much information on importing from the US here as you can see. I cannot be of any assistance either, but you may want to read through this thread

    Hope that points you in the right direction

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    basicly you need to get a temp insurance permit from your insurance provider...

    and then you can use that to drive the car..

    a copy of the title and a bill of sale should be all you need to get the temp permit..

    everything else you have or are doing in correct..

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    You'll still only pay GST at the border, then PST when you go to register it at ICBC.

    Same sort of deal as you do with JDM imports...

    You can get an In-Transit permit in the States. If you are buying from a dealer, you can often get them right from them. The dealers I've bought from always had one at least in Washington.

    I'd check with your local insurance broker, they'll be aware of what you need. It's pretty easy in BC.

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    Congrats, Congrats,

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