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Thread: Part sourcing in Canada

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    Hey all,

    I've been ordering most of my parts from the UK (since the cappuccino was also sold there) but I've been trying to find a Canadian vendor that can simplify my life for me...

    I chatted with a guy on the cappuccino forum I visit (and he's in Calgary) and his local Mazda dealer will order in parts from Japan if they give him a part number (even if it's not in their system - unlike my local Suzuki dealer) - which stunned me.

    I haven't approached a mazda dealer yet, and wondered if anyone else had any suggestions for me.



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    Apparently, I asked nearly the exact same question when I needed to replace my alternator... sigh...

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    Most dealerships want nothing to do with anything JDM and become total assholes when u tell them what car its really for I founds its best if I must go to the dealership to get anything just find the part number first.

    Maybe check around on the Suzuki forums and see if u can get the part numbers then just bring them the number and hopefully its already in there system.

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    Oh, I have the complete parts manual - so I have every part number, that I am lucky for... Also have a service manual.

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