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Thread: Difference between RZ and RZ-S

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    Default Difference between RZ and RZ-S

    I just have a couple quick questions about the Supra. What is the difference between the Supra RZ and RZ-S? Which one is considered the higher trim?

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    The Supra RZ-S is available with the steering-shift matic ETC-iE. An electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission with manual upshift/downshift switches conveniently located on the steering wheel. They also came in a 6spd.

    Also a few other little things:
    6 sp - RZ standard, RZ-S option
    LSD - RZ standard, RZ-S manual standard, auto option
    Recaros - RZ standard only
    Carbon wheel(I think 97+ models?) - RZ standard only
    Big brakes - RZ standard, RZ-S option
    17" wheels - RZ standard, RZ-S option(with big brakes only)
    REAS Suspension - RZ standard only
    Rear wing - RZ standard, RZ-S option
    Active front spoiler - RZ and RZ-S option
    Bodykit - RZ and RZ-S dealer option


    Overall the RZ is the better car.

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    from my knowledge Supra's in Japan come with n/a brakes and the bigger brakes like the US Supra's have were optional.

    besides that all in all they are pretty close just rather small things.

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    RZ minimum.

    Most don't want auto 2JZGTE, and theres enough SZ imported cheap as it is.

    Just expect to pay quite a bit more at auction.

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    I didn't even know there was an RZ-S, I guess depending on the chosen options it could be a huge difference or a small one. I'm guessing as sw20 said that most don't want an auto RZ of any sort.

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