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Thread: FD3S is less than 5 seconds and reliable according to Canadian Driver

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    This car is just a finesse car. It needs to be treated properly and not on a budget. Too many penny pinchers own them and they die. I see that with Subarus as well. I see properly sorted rx7s at the track all the time and they are awesome. But they have pro work done and not at "bobs garage" cause its cheap. It's funny to say but most cars that are worked on by the owner are the ones that have the most problems regardless of make.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thebisnac View Post
    You sir, are wrong 100%

    My Rx7 is well over 500 whp, I have not cheaped out on one thing. At this point my reciepts are over 60k for what I've put into it. No matter what, they still are not reliable. There are just catastrophic failures that can happen, even if you are tuned amazingly. I have a dyno around the corner from me, so I get out there a few times a year, always making sure things are exactly as they should be.
    Being that my first engine lasted 6k. This second engine lasted 14k. Now I'm onto my 3rd.
    Keeping it stock will be as reliable as you can get. As soon as you switch up to a large single, reliability starts going out the window, unless you are running like 7psi and 300whp.
    With my last engine the seals let go in the turbo, basically making all the oil blow by, in turn making the oil pressure in my engine go to nothing, thus dropping a bearing and screwing my engine, and my turbo. First engine i cracked an apex seal at the track. 100% tuned, never had an issue before.

    Mine gets a fair beating, and every day you just hope things don't let go. If it does, oh well, thats what I have come to expect with the 7. Have to always have a good chunk of change in the bank account ready to put back into the car.

    Like someone already said, You have to baby these cars, they are not your hondas and nissans that you think are your red headed step child that you can just beat on all day.
    Sounds like you have had a fair bit of bad luck. I know bad things can happen for sure. All it takes is one bad tank of gas to kill any engine. I know of a few that get some heavy track dutie and that are all 450+ Whp cars still going stong my buddies GT car engines on I think year 3 or 4 right now it gets swaped back and forth between his GT FD and His drift FD hes had no issues with it neither has any one else with his engines.

    My brother and most of my friends have FDs and FCs One of my friends has the same engine in his car and he is running intakes with a full exhaust no cat and just power FC base maps. Hes seeing as lean as 13.50 AFR under WOT and its never popped hes getting a tune asap but hes been driving it like that and tracking it I think hes got the most luck I have seen. Every one I know with Roterys from heavy modded GT cars Drift cars Street cars to basic street cars isnt having and reliablity issues. On that note though I do not know every one in the world with one I am sure there are tons that blow up and there are many bad Rotery shops out there for sure.

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    Since I bought my FD in 2008 it has been raced in auto-x and time attack and HPDE for the past 7 years. This includes over 100 auto-x, 20+ time attacks, many driving schools and lapping days and 30,000 street driven kms.

    ALL I have EVER done is change the oil and spark plugs. It is still going and in fact this year won the Atlantic Canadian time attack title. It was a low mileage car to begin with and it was not extensively modified. Stock TT, Stock Injectors, stock ECu. Only mods were AST elimination, larger intercooler, intake and catback.

    Keep it relatively stock and you will enjoy a car that is reliable and who's limits are likely beyond your driving abilities.

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