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Thread: Pacific Coast Auto - Trial Tuning Spirit Partnership

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    Default Pacific Coast Auto - Trial Tuning Spirit Partnership

    Announcing the new partnership between Pacific Coast Auto and Osaka based Trial Tuning Spirit.

    Pacific Coast Auto has partnered with with worldwide famous tuning shop Trial Tuning Spirit to open their used vehicles lot to international customers.

    Trial is a producer of all sorts of tuning products, and is a well respected tuning shop in the Osaka area of Japan. They have built some of the top vehicles in the industry.

    Trial sells used tuner vehicles out of their Osaka-based shop.
    We are now able to offer these vehicles to you.

    Trial Tuning Spirit is a trust worthy company and has proven their integrity many times over. We will only work with companies that we can trust for our sake and our customers'.


    Details -

    Pacific Coast Auto is listing Trial stock for export.

    We are listing all vehicles at the same price as is being listed for local sale in Japan. We do not mark up the price at all.

    We charge 100,000 yen - all inclusive - for the FOB fees. There are no hidden costs or extra transport fees.

    We are offering free pre-purchase inspections for these vehicles once a deposit is sent.

    New vehicles will be added regularly so please check back.

    Every effort will be made to keep this listing accurate and to notify our customers when a vehicle is sold. We understand the fears of "bait and switch" selling and are totally against the tactic.

    Please check out the listing here -

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    This is exciting Derek! I'll be keeping a close eye out for what kind of vehicles you have to offer

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    whooo ho! Derek, that's really cool. Congrats on the cool hook up, it'll be neat to see what you get coming over here. You've always got clients buying the strangest stuff (heh-heh!)

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