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Thread: FS - 1996 Skyline GTR - Trial Tuning Spirit stock vehicle

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    Default FS - 1996 Skyline GTR - Trial Tuning Spirit stock vehicle

    For sale - This GTR is a nice example of well built GTR. The mods are subtle and supportive of a vehicle which can be driven daily and used as a track vehicle. This vehicle has a 7-point roll cage, stronger brakes, better cooling, track coilovers, and decent power increases.

    This vehicle is located in Japan and is ready to export worldwide.

    Make - Nissan BNR33 Skyline GTR
    Year - 1996 (March)
    Mileage - 96,000 km
    Gearbox - 5 speed
    Colour - Silver

    Details -

    Apexi - Air filter

    ARC - Large front mount intercooler

    HKS - Vcam system with exhaust cam 264 lift

    HKS - Fcon SZ computer controller

    HKS - Sport Catalytic converter

    HKS - Oil cooler

    RS-R - Exhaust

    Sunline Auto - Oil catchtank

    Nismo - Oil separator

    Quantum - CR Suspension

    Unknown - 7 point full racing roll cage (rear only so easy entry or exit)

    Brembo - F40 brake upgrade kit

    ORC - Twin plate clutch

    Unknown - Aftermarket Limited Slip differential

    Omori - Water temp gauge - Pillar mount

    Omori - Boost gauge - Dash mount

    Apexi - AFC Air fuel controller (seen on dashboard)

    Unknown - Front bumper

    Unknown - Driver's sports bucket seat

    Advan - Three spoke wheels


    -4 Wheel steering (Hicas) cancelled - Best option for performance.

    -Gauges changed to a Nismo meter displaying 21,512 km. The gauges were changed at 74,306 kms making the actual kms 95,818 as of this posting.

    -Timing belt recently replaced

    -Transmission rebuilt in 2010 February

    FOB - 1,050,000 yen
    Price is negotiable

    **This vehicle is not property of Pacific Coast Auto but is able to be exported exclusively through us. This vehicle is a stock vehicle of Trial Tuning Spirit in Osaka Japan.

    Interested parties may have a detailed inspection for free. During the inspection, customers can expect a full set of pics (100+) and videos of the condition of the vehicle. We strive to show the vehicle in it's true condition and are happy to accommodate any requests for pictures or information. In order to book a free inspection, we require a refundable deposit of 100,000 yen.

    Please send a PM or email to for more information.

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    95 WRX Sold
    96 ITR! Sacrificed to the deer gods
    02 WRX crashed
    98 Impreza RS DD

    Fight the Good Fight

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    wow, someones gonna be a lucky buyer!

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    I should mention that this vehicle has been test driven and has no aperent troubles.

    Also, like all Trial vehicles, it can be tuned to any specification inhouse by Trial. Their Dyno is accurate up to 1300ps and they are responsible for many of Japan's monsters.0

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    any pics showing the cage?

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    No other pics. Sorry, I was disappointed too but I can request them.
    Let me check into it.

    You can see it slightly through the rear window however.

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    Wow! This is a good deal! Priced to sell IMO. Comparing to what these normally sell for in auction... but this doesn't compare.. since you know exactly what you're getting

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    In case you guys don't know... The HKS V-cam is a system to install variable valve timing on the intake cam. This system comes with a new intake camshaft and a load of other things. It is meant to improve mileage, low end torque, and high speed accel. The system is 400,000 yen retail in itself. And then on top of that, this vehicle has an HKS high lift cam for the exhaust side.

    See site here -

    Brembo F40 is the caliper. As far as I know the disks are originals. F40 calipers are named after the F40 Ferrari which the design comes from. It is a nice street-able caliper which beats out the stock GTR one slightly and uses the same piston area and are easy to find track pads for. They can accommodate a larger disk. I have read up to 370mm.

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    Looks nice Derek. Some other eye candy in the background there too.

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    Sorry guys, this sold today.


    Looks nice Derek. Some other eye candy in the background there too.
    Regarding the 86 or the Widebody S2000?
    The S2000 can be seen in more detail here -

    Trial always has some special stuff. I have a surprise regarding Trial soon so stay tuned. I will post more of their wares later but for all vehicles I have availability to currently, please see my site here -

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