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Thread: FS - 2002 Toyoa Celica SS-II ZZT231 - Trial Tuning Spirit

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    Default FS - 2002 Toyoa Celica SS-II ZZT231 - Trial Tuning Spirit

    For sale - Toyota Celica excellent daily driver. These FF Celicas were vehicles that many tuners abandoned due to their complex and difficult to tune engine. However, Trial has become a famous tuner of these vehicles and the extremely light weight base and high revving engine makes for a completely different driving experience than most.

    This vehicle is located in Japan and is ready to export worldwide.

    Make - Toyota Celica
    Year - 2002
    Mileage - 116,000 km
    Gearbox - 6 speed
    Colour - White

    Details -

    CR-Kai (bronze) 17" wheels

    LM703 Tires

    Exhaust manifold


    Titanium exhaust

    HDD navigation unit (Navigation has Japan maps only)

    Water temp gauge

    Oil temp gauge

    Gauge controller

    Interior carbonfibre trim

    C1 Motorsports
    Front strut tower bar

    Air filter

    Front under engine diffuser

    Upper radiator hose

    Shift knob


    -Very quiet exhaust

    -No accidents

    -Clean body

    FOB - 800,000 yen

    **This vehicle is not property of Pacific Coast Auto but is able to be exported exclusively through us. This vehicle is a stock vehicle of Trial Tuning Spirit in Osaka Japan.

    This vehicle has been test driven and any known defects are listed in this ad.

    As with any Trial Tuning Spirit vehicle, this vehicle may be tuned to your preference by Trail. Trial has over 20 years experience tuning vehicles for daily drivers and track vehicles over 1000 hp.

    Interested parties may have a detailed inspection for free. During the inspection, customers can expect a full set of pics (100+) and videos of the condition of the vehicle. We strive to show the vehicle in it's true condition and are happy to accommodate any requests for pictures or information. In order to book a free inspection, we require a refundable deposit of 100,000 yen.

    Please send a PM or email to for more information.

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    Whoa... I didn't notice the old Cosmo in the background of the original pic... neat.

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    Saw this when I was looking through your site earlier today Derek....Gonna be a while before us Canadians can get our hands on it though.

    Looking forward to seeing what else comes up through these guys

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    Gonna be a while before us Canadians can get our hands on it though.
    Yeah, not for another 8 years and I seriously doubt that this will still be available then...

    I'm trying to push the international side of this site. We have a few on already but there is not much competition for a global import forum. Most are specific to one certain country.

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