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Thread: Info for SOARER OWNERS

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    Default Info for SOARER OWNERS

    I just wanted to pat myself on the back for being the FIRST poster here.

    If you are a Soarer owner you have purchased a fine vehicle.

    If you haven't already found this must goto website check out: for all the info you will ever need on your Soarer.



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    I've been there before, when I was considering a Soarer, it's still a cool car to me but after seeing Stinky's Mark II I think that might be my next car if all goes well.

    We'll be making a directory shortly of Importers and different enthusiast sites to better serve the community.

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    I like Stinky's car as well. I never even knew that car came with the
    1JZGTE. I can't wait to see it in person.

    I think my next one would be an ARISTO though. I really like those.

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    content removed at request of poster
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    Hey Stinky good point regarding the different style.
    I remember you said you want the next car to be an Aristo, also another good choice I've been debating.

    One thing that it goes to show is how sad Toyota as a company has gone. They've lost all their racing spirit and most of it besides perhaps the Celica and Supra never made it to our shores.

    What a shame.

    It's also nice to have that sleeper quality but the power when you need it without being harassed about it.

    Good point about the forum, that will be taken care of shortly.

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    Default Toyota (performance what happened)

    I agree and it frustrates me to all ends that Toyota Canada will not bring in parts from Japan.

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    That's alright dj, we'll start to compile suppliers both locally and in Japan that will be able to supply parts quicker and cheaper, with less hassle than these dealerships.

    If they don't want to work with us we'll find better sources for sure.
    You may also want to get your hands on Toyota's Electronic Parts catalogue.

    I'm sure the dealerships have it themselves but they've always said on the phone "we can't look up Japanese parts". Most of the dealerships are the same except maybe Mitsubishi. Someone on IVOAC says his dealership loves his Pajero.

    Actually Subaru here in North Vancouver, told me they would love to see and work on my WRX once it arrives but they've been known to be enthusiast friendly for a long time.

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    Here is some very Important info for soarer owners :

    I know a lot of the people who are potentially thinking of getting a soarer or that may own one think that you can't get parts for a 1jz.....

    WRONG !!!!!!!

    Driftmotion has most maintenance parts for a 1jz and a lot of the parts are interchangeable with the 2jz !!!!

    Also, I had an awesome experience with Curt Aigner , my window regulator on my 93 supra went and all dealers in Canada were quoting me $450 +, he has them for $80, so if you need 1jz parts and they are interchangeable with 2jz, ask him !! ( e-mail him anytime, he is a parts manager in USA

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    If you're talking performance parts, then has quite a few parts listed as well... I actually bought a full OEM1JZ gasket kit from them about a year or so ago

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