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Thread: djDEVILISHrd's 1991 TT

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    No, not driving it yet.

    My mechanic made a very good point that we should put new Gaskets on the exhaust manifold, and between the Turbos and the Y Pipe.

    So I'm ordering a gasket set in the morning.

    So I'm at least a week away but as soon as I'm up and running I'll let you all know the results.

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    OK, you sure are a patient guy. I'm being impatient for you, I want to see and hear the results especially handling and performance wise

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    So I juat got back from Radium, took the family for a little vacation.
    Got a call from my mechanic on the way home and it looks like my front turbo is shot for sure. There are signs of oil leaks, damage, etc. (I'll post pics when I get it back).

    So they are replacing the front one, keeping the back one the same as it is in a bit better shape then the replacement.

    This is all leading me to believe that the problem was due to the fact I have the series 1 1JZ and the recall was never perfomed on it. The PCV valve must have locked closed, the vent ing from the cam cover on the exhaust side vents to the front turbo on the 1st series of the 1JZ.

    So we are installing an Oil catch and the PCV valve upgrade from the 2JZ.

    I wil have the car back Wednsday so I'll do a full report then.


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    Cool DJ, BTW what is Radium?

    I can't imagine the feeling when you get the car back.

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    Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia!

    Aren't you from BC???????????

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    I sure feel like a kn0b lol....never heard of them still
    I know Harrison...hmmm

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    Yup got her back 2 hours ago, been cruisin until now.

    Man she is FAST!!! Spools up waaaaaaaay quicker. I haven't even retarded the exhaust cam yet and the boost controller isn't set up yet either (faulty solinoid)

    I am very impressed.

    The exhaust is loud, no doubt about it but completly silent at idle.

    I still need to figure out how to set the electric fans because they come on all the time.

    I noticed a small oil leak, just need to get a return line tightened a bit nothing serious.

    the car pulls really good though, I can't wait to add boost.

    I'll post pics of the engine bay soon

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    Awesome good to hear DJ. I guess it was worth the wait and your patience.

    Could your fans be coming on as normal to cool the engine bay? Anytime my car gets hot (although it is a Subaru and not Toyota) the fans run especially at idle.

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    Default New Pics

    So here's pics of it now,

    The ride height is not much lower, I'm going to probably drop it another inch but I do like how the Tein FLEXs handle.

    The engine bay is much cleaner then before with the electric fans.

    Long wait, but happy its back.
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    another inch!!?? that would be pretty crazy

    your car looks very awesome dj!!!!!!!

    Love the looks!!

    Your engine looks so it. Got any sound clips uploaded??
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